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The identifying code for a particular car is the vehicle identification number (VIN) of the car. As no two vehicles in service have the same VIN, the VIN acts as the car’s fingerprint. A VIN is made up of 17 characters that serve as a unique identifier for the vehicle (digits and capital letters).

A VIN shows the special characteristics, dimensions, and manufacturer of the vehicle. In order to track recalls, registrations, warranty claims, robberies, and insurance coverage, the VIN may be used.

What If The Vin Is Not 17 Characters Long?

Double-check to make sure you have the right VIN and have it correctly copied. The VIN is most likely from a pre-1981 car, once you have checked that the VIN is certainly less than 17 characters.

VINs ranged in length from 11 to 17 characters before 1981. Information on vehicles produced prior to 1981 is, therefore, limited.

Each car has its own unique identification number for the vehicle, or VIN, which identifies key information about it. Key information about your vehicle’s make, model and year is found in the 17 digits of your car’s VIN. Your VIN even tells you where the car was made.

Your VIN should be reasonably easy to find, printed on the vehicle itself and important papers, such as the title of your car, your auto insurance policy, and any police records about your car. To learn more about how to find your VIN and when you can need it, read on.

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How To Read a Vehicle Identification Number

Since 1981, the 17-digit VIN code has been standardized, so all vehicles produced have VINs that are structured the same way since (motorcycles and ATVs also have VINs). Both numbers and letters are comprised of a VIN.

Your VIN’s first digits mark the maker of your vehicle. Your car, including its make, model, trim level, the year it was produced, information about its engine, its assembly plant, and its serial number are defined in the following digits.

To more about the VIN number, you can read the blog here.

Where Can I Find the VIN?

The VIN can be found by looking at the dashboard on the driver’s side of the car. The best way to view it is to stand on the driver’s side outside the car and look at the corner of the dashboard where the windshield meets it. Open the driver’s side door if the VIN can not be found there, and look at the doorpost. This location will probably display the VIN as well.

Your VIN number, and your car’s title certificate, will also be on several documents related to your car. The title of a car is a legal document issued by the DMV of your state, which specifies who owns the car. Your VIN will also be listed on your car insurance policy and in every vehicle referencing police reports.

When Do You Need Your Vin?

Your VIN comes in handy on a variety of occasions. If your car is ever stolen, it can be used to locate it and retrieve your vehicle or its components with its VIN. They will use your car’s VIN to help decide what exact parts it needs when you take your car into an auto body shop for repairs.

If there is ever a recall of your type of vehicle, the VIN is also important. The VIN is what informs you if the recall affects your car or not. If you’re making claims on your car warranty, you will still need it.

And if you buy a used car, before you make a purchase, you can use the VIN of the vehicle to learn more about it.

Running a VIN search on a car before you buy it can help you identify the accident history, past owners and liens, and any recalls.

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