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What You Might Not Know About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Just like adults, children also snore sometimes. The Mela Luna Sleep Review  reasons remain the same- exhaustion, obstructions in breathing, cold and allergies. Snoring is a symptom of asthma and a multitude of breathing problems and at a later stage, sleep apnea. Snoring in kids has also increased due to the increase in obesity levels in kids.

The sedentary lifestyle, junk food and lack of exercise have lead to an increase in weight leading to snoring. You may be surprised to know the leading statistics on snoring in kids but even more shocking is the fact that some of the after effects of snoring lead to symptoms that are diagnosed as ADHD symptoms. This often leads to kids being misdiagnosed with ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. The common symptom of ADHD and after effects of snoring is hyperactivity, low attention span, poor alertness levels and drowsiness. The numerous emotional and cognitive issues and poor focus are reasons of concern.

The only drug prescribed by the health authorities, Ritalin has been given to kids suffering from ADHD for years now. But the sad and shocking part is that kids misdiagnosed with ADHD are also prescribed this chemically laced medicine. The medication helps the kids improve concentration and focus better. It also has behavior modifying elements for cognitive development in life and at school.

With tons of research in nearly every nation, there is solid proof that lack of sleep signs and ADHD symptoms have a lot of common signs leading to an increase in misdiagnosis by physicians. Thanks to the years of detailed research, the fine line dividing the snoring and ADHD symptoms have been found to have concrete proof of the connection with sleep disorders.



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