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Microwaves do not need any introduction to our readers. Every single person is aware of what a microwave oven is. And we are in love with these little tiny technology pieces that give us warm food. There was a time when microwaves were expensive as hell, but today these ovens are budget-friendly and convenient for even a common man to have.

Today we see microwave oven countertops being all the rage among Millenials. Today’s microwave ovens are not only good for warming food but now offer additional features of cooking food, pizza, steamed vegetables, etc.

Before listing down which brand of microwave is the best, we will list down a few features of quality microwave ovens that should keep an eye out for when buying one.

Features of Quality Microwave             

  • Every quality microwave oven has a turntable that rotates your food which ensures that your food is heated evenly from all sides. Removable turntables are better as they help you with the cleaning process.
  • Size of the microwave oven matters. You should invest in a size that is convenient for your countertop space and can fit in food plates etc. The size of microwaves is measured in cubic meters. Compact microwaves offer limited space for your food dishes so invest in the right type of size according to your kitchen size.
  • Energy consumption is another important factor to consider when getting a new microwave. This is measure in watts or wattage. Normally it is better to buy an oven with atleast 1000 watts of power which works well if you want to make popcorns or reheat your frozen food.
  • 30 seconds button is a value-added feature that appeals to a lot of microwave oven users. It allows you to quickly add 30 seconds to your cooking instructions.
  • Smart sensors in the microwave oven also help level up the temperature in the microwave that is needed to heat your food. These are automatic detection sensors that can sense when to heat your food at a lower power temperature and when it needs more.
  • Other function: Various other functions are present in a microwave oven that are value-added. For example, there are defrosting functions that work according to weight and type of meat, or a cooking function that help you cook food at a certain temperature, etc.

Best Microwave ovens for you to invest in 2020

Now that we have listed down the features of a quality microwave oven, we can now list down the best kinds of the oven that you can choose from.

  • Compact Wave Soft Close Microwave by Breville: This microwave oven works best and appeals to Millenials because of its compact design and quite functioning ability. This oven’s special feature is that it has a mute button and is around eighty percent quieter compared to other microwave ovens. It also offers a soft door closing function, which has quite an appeal to our digital minds. It also has a control panel that is easy to understand and use. The only downfall here is that it is expensive.
  • Panasonic Microwave Oven: This microwave oven is really fast and has a heating power of 1250 watts. Another plus side is that it has a built-in inverter that helps heat food evenly and efficiently. It further offers the function of adding 30 seconds and also taking back the heating process by 10 seconds. The downside here is that it is expensive and is not good with defrosting.
  • Microwave by Amazon Basics: This is one of the best microwave oven countertops that are budget-friendly. The distinguishing feature about this microwave is that it works on voice commands from Alexa or Amazon Echo. The basic functions can work manually as well. The thing with this micro is that it cannot fit in plates larger than 10 inches. One thing more it can get a bit annoying to use this microwave without Alexa and offer you limited functions.
  • Digital Microwave oven by Black + Decker: This is another microwave oven that is affordable and offers good features to its users. It is compact in size, therefore, can fit in limited size plates of less than 10 inches. This oven works well with reheating functions and cooking a small amount of food. This oven offers a modern look of being sleek and stylish.

These are the best and most positively rated microwave ovens on the internet today. They work well with the mindset of a millennial today of small nuclear families and fulfilling their needs efficiently without taking up too much space and being budget-friendly. These microwave ovens were, at one time, a luxury but today in the year 2020, is a basic home necessity.

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