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“Technology will be embedded in everything in the digital business of the future” – David Cearley, Vice President, and Gartner Fellow.

In the digitalized world, everything is enclosed with another great technology or innovation. Intelligent things are poised to change the present as well as the future for better living and business operations. When it comes to intelligent things or technology, the most intelligent technology that has gained a lot of popularity, appreciation from many organizations and other developers is Artificial Intelligence. 

The technology has fascinated not just the organizations but also mobile app developers to incorporate the idea in the mobile application to offer a great and enhanced experience to the users. Meanwhile, the constant rise in the smartphone purchasing graph, the apps are becoming the most prominent thing to fill the smartphone with more smartness and innovations.

This is the reason, technological innovation is becoming the newest trend, thus technological innovation in cloud infrastructure and machine learning has laid a foundation of Intelligent apps. Intelligent apps or better say I-Apps are the actual innovative invention or an artificial intelligence which acts as a support for may entrepreneurs. 

Let’s explore what is I-Apps and what makes them special from other applications.

What is I-Apps (Intelligent Apps)

Intelligent apps are the application that required real-time and other historical data based on user interactions and other sources for providing a suggestion, predictions, and other recommendations. Data analytics and machine learning are the core element of the I-Apps. 

With the help of user data, the apps offer a much personalized and adaptive user experience. These apps are capable of delivering contextual and relevant information while informing users about the upcoming issues that might occur. Thus, its high degree of predictive analysis forebodes the user’s behavior in order to make information readily available. 

These apps are used for developing intelligent applications by using algorithms while automating how many tasks are left to be performed. There are many B2C firms that have adopted, incorporated and executed intelligent apps in their business operations by offering much ease like-

  1. Intelligent apps can work on huge amount of data along with having the ability to read and store a vast array of human interactions. It combines processes with the help of sensory inputs and is powered by IoT. 

  2. One of the next reason for using Intelligent Apps not just by well-build organizations but also by mobile app development companies is adaptability. The apps do provide higher ROI. 

  3. These apps can produce results just by understanding gestures, motions and speech inputs. 

While this is about the basic structure of I-Apps, there are many key characteristics associated with it also. Let’s check them out-

Key characteristics of I-Apps

  1. These apps are powered by AI-based algorithms that remove irrelevant information while focusing on relevant information in order to make accurate decisions. 

  2. Once these apps are done with understanding the user’s needs and demands, they deliver relevant and contextual information along with notifying users.

  3. The apps are capable of facilitating automatic execution of tasks without waiting for the user’s command.

  4. With the help of predictive analytics, these apps can predict user behavior while making the information available in an easier way.

There are many intelligent apps available in the market that are easing the operations in an intelligent and fun way. 

  • Cortana- Cortana is a well-known application available for Windows phone and also for Android devices. The application helps in managing tasks like scheduling a meeting, fixing an appointment, etc.

  • Hound- The application can be used for getting displayed outcomes. The applications come in a variety of features like- one can listen to their favorite music track with their own voice, one can use it for knowing the current weather conditions and forecasts for the coming days. There is a list of features one can explore to use Hound fully. 

  • Elsa- Elsa is meant for improving the English accent that offers professional classes for pronunciation with lots of exercise and teaching material.  

  • Google Allo- This app works as a personal assistant like Messenger in order to perform various different tasks on behalf of you such as answering the questions, reminders, adding events to the calendar and many more. 

By concluding everything together, just like the role of chatbots in making enterprises efficient, these Intelligent apps are also paving the way for speedier and efficient business decisions while offering better business results and greater efficiency of the workforce. Hence, if you are also willing to invest in intelligent apps, your decision will offer you great results along with great ROI. 

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