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Today, businesses understand the potential of a mobile application and that’s why they are not reluctant to invest in it. If you are also planning to create a mobile application for your business, there are chances that you might be wondering what platform you should consider, especially, when you’re spoilt for choice. Though it can’t be denied there is a wide gamut of frameworks out there for mobile application development, each having its own pros and cons, but, this informative piece will walk you through a framework that has become the talk of the town. Any guesses? Yes, you are right, it’s Ionic. Let’s understand why you should consider Ionic hybrid mobile app development but before that let’s understand what Ionic is.

What is Ionic?

Launched back in 2013, Ionic is an open-source mobile UI toolkit engineered for developing cross-platform mobile applications, desktop applications, and progressive web apps (PWAs) based on popular web development technologies like JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. When launched initially in 2013, the Ionic framework was built on top of Apache Cordova (erstwhile known as PhoneGap) and AngularJS, however, the framework evolved incessantly and today the latest iteration allows developers to opt for any UI framework, such as React, Angular, or Vue.JS. Not to mention, the Ionic framework app development allows developers to build modern and visually rich apps with over 120 modules including SMS, WiFi, Camera Phone Features, Contact, Bluetooth Network, and more.

4 Irresistible Features of Ionic Application Development Framework

1. Free and Open-Source

Unlike other frameworks that cost around a hundred thousand dollars to be used, Ionic, on the other hand, is an open-source framework that is available for free to use. This simply means that Ionic would be the best framework for those who want to cut down on the high mobile app development costs. The complete Ionic source code is available on GitHub, which allows developers to customize various appearances for different OS in a quick turnaround time.

2. Reusable Codes

Another impressive feature that the Ionic framework offers is code reusability. Instead of investing your time and money in developing 2 separate apps for Android and iOS, why not develop a single application that runs smoothly across all the platforms. When you hire Ionic app developers for your mobile application development, they can reutilize 70-85% of the codebase resulting in faster development and reduced high app development cost.

3. Ease of Application Testing

You may have noticed that many app development companies fail to deliver the mobile application within the stipulated time frame owing to the lengthy and cumbersome testing process. However, when you choose the Ionic framework, your application will be delivered on time. The reason being is Apache Cordova (formerly known as PhoneGap) is used for writing test scripts, which makes the debugging of Ionic applications faster and easier. Test scripts written using Apache Cordova are compatible to be tested across all the platforms.

4. Backed by Strong Community Support

It is quite common that a small bug in your mobile application may consume your whole day just because of the lack of extensive documentation. However, the best thing about the Ionic framework is that it is supported by a strong and active community of seasoned professionals who are always on their toes to help other fellows. Whenever you come across any issue, simply post your query in the community, and within a few hours, you’ll get the fool-proof solution of the same.

Final Words

Hope, you’ve got enough to invest in Ionic mobile application development in 2021. Amid all the irresistible reasons, cost-effective application development is the most desired one by startups and SMEs. If you also need a mobile application for your business on a budget, you must choose this framework.

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