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Google’s Android operating system is the most used and liked operating system around the world. But unfortunately, you cannot rely on it and trust it blindly as it records every bit of information about you that helps the companies earn the profit. People who are serious about their privacy have been looking for an alternative, and it seems like the /e/OS is the best solution. The /e/OS is the latest open-source and privacy-focused mobile operating system, which comes with a Windows installer. This operating system is based on Lineage OS ROM.

You must be aware that Google breaches your privacy, sells your data to companies and brands, and earns profit from it. It might not seem like a big and dangerous deal as you get to see customized ads and content. But at the end of the day, it can be a massive issue as no one other than Google knows where your data travels and who has access to you. By checking your data, Google can easily learn about your opinions, locations, and other personal information.

You can protect yourself, but Google only to an extent, and the privacy methods don’t keep you off the hook at all times. This is where the /e/OS comes into the picture as it is specifically designed to respect your right to privacy that comes with the “your data is your data” motto. To help you maintain online privacy and security, we have mentioned some of the reasons for trying the /e/OS:

Improved Privacy

Since the /e/OS is a non-profit platform that is funded by donations, you can rely on it for the security and privacy it offers. To ensure overall security, /e/OS has removed all the closed-source Google apps and services and has introduced a reliable open-source alternative to all. Magic Earth map program is the only patented app you will find with this operating system.

Overall, it is safe to say that the /e/OS keeps your connections to mysterious servers, saving your data, and preventing battery consumption. Using this OS, you can choose the DNS you want to use, and it ensures not to interact with the Google servers or anything that puts your privacy at risk. It uses Mozilla Location Services to fetch geolocation functions.

/E/OS Doesn’t Contain Bloatware

Most of the Android smartphones are loaded with built-in apps and services from the device manufacturer, Google, etc. Most of these apps are unnecessary and remain untouched as the users don’t need them for day-to-day tasks. These apps might contain bloatware, leading them to consume a lot of storage space. These apps are often hard or impossible to remove and uninstall. Such apps run in the background, consume the valuable RAM and processor, and lead your handset to run slowly.

This type of software is unavailable in the /e/OS, making your phone work smoother and faster than before. You will notice that the battery life of the device has also improved. If you are using any old device, then this operating system is ideal for you. /e/OS regularly comes with security updates for fixing the vulnerabilities and bugs.

/E/OS Gives Access to Your Favorite Android Apps

You can find multiple alternatives to Google Android, but that alternative OS lacks some essential apps. Fortunately, that’s not the case with the /e/OS. Due to the MicroG framework, /e/OS devices get a secured spoof of the Google Play Services so that you can use all your favorite apps. The /e/OS comes with a store that includes over 60,000 most popularly downloaded apps, and each of these apps is privately rated. You can even find a detailed analysis of the trackers and check the required permissions beforehand.

In case you don’t find the apps you want to use, you can install the Aurora Store to download the free app available on Google Play. With this OS, you will also find an ecloud for synchronizing and encrypting your calendar, notes, photos, documents, etc. The ecloud comes with 1GB of free storage, but you can extend it up to 20GB by paying $4 a month.

How to Install /E/OS?

Installing the /e/OS becomes an easy task with the E-Foundation’s Easy-Installer as it is available for Windows and Linux. This app makes the process hassle-free and provides a step-by-step guide for flashing /e/OS. Do not forget to take the backup of all the essential data before getting into the process. The Easy-Installer supports the Exynos version on Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S9, and Galaxy S9 Plus.


You can trust the /e/OS even if it is not as popular as Google, Apple, etc.; it is still a reliable operating system to use on your device. Its privacy and security levels are superior to any major platform you have known. This project began with the Lineage OS 14 based on Android 7, and now, their latest updates are based on Android 8 and 9, and the Android 10 is under development process for some handset brands.

Source-You Replace Android With /E/OS on the Smartphone

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