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LG V60 is a premium offering from LG. You get a big, bright, and sharp display, fast processing, smooth functioning, and many more features that suit your needs. It is always wonderful to use a feature-rich device that makes many things easier, but there is still scope for making your experience better. If you own an LG V60 device, then many accessories can enhance your experience of using this device. However, in this article, we have listed the best accessories which you must always keep to get the best out of this smartphone. Let’s scroll down and find the accessories that you need to enhance your experience of using LG V60.

Anker 15W Wireless Charger

Anker 15W Wireless Charger is something you will always want to have with LG V60. This is a powerful charger that can fill the juice on your phone quickly. This charger transfers that amount of energy only which your device needs, so it does not heat your device, and you have not to worry about damaging your device. The best part of this charger is that it can work even when using a phone case for your device. However, the case should not be thicker than 5mm. You will certainly want to pick this charger for its fast charging and safety features than any other 5W or 10W charger.

Spigen Rugged Armor Case

LG V60 is a device that has a sleek design and premium look, so it is up to you to protect this device from accidental drops and scratches, and a protective case is a good solution for that purpose. Spigen Rugged Armor case is one of the best protective cases you can find for LG V60. This cover is designed to provide the best protection to your device but does not add any bulk either. This case is powerful enough to keep your device safe from drops and scratches, and its precise cutouts for headphone jack and buttons are some significant features of this device.

3-Pack Headset Audio Jack Extenders

One common problem that you can experience with the LG V60 is not fitting your headphones with LG Dual Case. Audio jack extenders can be useful in that case, and it does not cost heavy either as you can get a pack of three for just $4.99. These audio jack extenders are suitable for 3.5mm jack, and they can be used with other devices as well. The best part is that your device works fine after using these audio jack extenders, and the audio quality is not affected in any way.

Uni HDMI to USB-C Adapter

Uni HDMI to USB-C adapter can be useful if you are looking for a device that can connect your LG V60 to your TV monitor, capture card, etc. It features 60fps output and that too in 4K resolution, so the best visuals on your TV are on the way with the device in the box. You are going to need this device a lot when it comes to sharing content across devices. However, we can say that this device’s price is justified after looking at the features, as it only costs you $15.99.

Official LG USB Type-C Replacement Cable

It is always essential to keep a spare cable for your phone as it might come in handy at times. For instance, you can use one cable with your charger while keeping the other one in your car, so you can charge your phone while traveling as well as play the songs you like. If you are looking to get a spare cable for your LG V60, we recommend you to buy an official LG USB Type-C replacement cable only as it is offered by LG itself, so you will not face any compatibility issues. You can get it for $9.99.

Certain accessories enhance your experience of using any device, and it is better to keep those handy. In this article, we have listed the best and most necessary accessories for your LG V60, and you can buy any of these according to your needs and budget.

Source-You Must Keep These 5 Accessories With LG V60

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