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Fortnite Season 5 Week 1 challenge went well, and players had big expectations from the Week 2 challenges. Luckily, the list of Season 5 Week 2 challenges has arrived, and plenty of exciting challenges are waiting for players. Some of the challenges from the previous week were crucial for leveling up quickly. The great thing about Season 5 challenges is that these tasks are completely different from previous season tasks. Along with the weekly tasks, special quest challenges are also part of Fortnite now.

The fans’ good news is that now they don’t have to spend too much time over a single mission. This season’s challenges are small, but their numbers are bigger than in previous seasons. To level up the game and to earn rewards, it is necessary to play weekly challenges and side quests. The weekly challenges are scattered around the map, and whoever wants to complete the challenges they have to find them first. 

List of All Season 5 Week 2 Challenges

Find Car Parts

  • The first piece of the car is at Compact Cars situated at the eastern part of the map. Once you reach there, you’ll find the piece close to the stairs. 
  • To find the second car piece, you’ll need to reach a mini junkyard close to the river in Compact Cars. Once you reach there, look behind the fences to get it.
  • The final or third car piece is hidden in the containers of Dirty Docks.

Destroy the Mail Boxes

  • The first mailbox you’ll find to destroy is in Pleasant Park. Look at the bottom left side of the site.
  • Destroy the first mailbox and move directly into the house, which is located across the street. Find the second mailbox there and smash it.
  • Walk down on the same street, and you’ll find the third mailbox outside a house.
  • Use the same street and take the right turn from the third mailbox. On the other street, you’ll find your fourth mailbox.

Planting Evidence

You can complete this quest in either Flush Factory or Catty Corner areas. In Catty Corner, walk over the mobile home and look for a glowing spot that says “Place Broken Mailboxes.” If you walk down the same lane and take a left, then you’ll find the second spot close to the container. The final and the third spot is at the gas station, near the main building.

Finding the Clues

  • This quest can be finished in Pleasant Park, Lazy Lake, or Holly Hedges.
  • While being in Lazy Lake, move down to the top left building close to the mailbox. The right one glows blue, and a search icon also appears.
  • Players playing in Holly Hedges need to locate an orange color building close to the neighborhood’s bottom. There a reverse mailbox will appear.
  • The final clue can be located in the town square in Pleasant Park. There you’ll find a blue mailbox on the bottom right side of the site.

Delivering the Vehicle

To complete this challenge, you have to reach a gas station close to Steamy Stacks. There you’ll find a pickup truck. Get in the truck, and fill its gas if it’s not full. Drive the vehicle from Steamy Stacks to the west of Pleasant Park.

Destroy Dog Houses

  • For this challenge, you’ll have to reach Pleasant Park. To destroy the dog house, you’ll move to the neighborhood at the top right side close to the fences.
  • Drive through Flaming Rings
  • Look for a fast car in Pleasant Park and drive north. Follow the trail, and you’ll see a ramp with a flaming ring.
  • The second flaming ring is also in Pleasant Park, close to the bridge.
  • The third and final flaming ring is on the northern side of the map in the Mowdown racetrack.
  • These are the missions of Season 5 Week 2 that players have to complete. The following lineup of challenges is completely different from the previous week’s challenges. Completing these missions will reward players huge XP, Gold Bars, and premium skins.


Fortnite is offering great rewards in Season 5. The developers revealed some of the rewards, but there are still some blank blocks appearing in the rewards section. Hopefully, Epic Games will reveal and bring new rewards soon to make the challenges more interesting.

Source: Fortnite: Finish All Season 5 Week 2 Challenges

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