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Waterborne diseases are a critical healthcare challenge. As per a United Nations and World Health Organisation (WHO) report, approximately 85,700 children under the age of 15 die due to diarrhoea caused by consuming contaminated water. Moreover, about 2 billion people live in countries stifled with water issues. Microbial contamination of water can also cause polio, […]
Solar energy has been one of the most lucrative renewable sources of energy in the world. As the technology supporting it continues to advance, the viability of solar panels is expected to intensify. The new-gen solar cells feature a unique layered pattern that maximises their capability to absorb light. Moreover, these panels also have longer […]
In the past few decades, mounting environmental concerns are leading to several fundamental consumption and policy-level changes. One of the most prominent changes is the electrification of mobility as it is a significant departure from internal combustion (ICE) vehicles for the first time in history. As an upcoming technology, several promising technological advancements are taking […]
The increase in the prevalence of valvular heart diseases is driving the prosthetic heart valve market. The convenience, higher reliability, reduced costs, less discomfort, recovery time, and improved function associated with a prosthetic heart valve, has contributed to its rising prominence. An upsurge in the geriatric population is another factor contributing to the burgeoning growth of […]
On a global scale, the preference for healthy, organic, and natural food products has been consistently rising. The demand for such food items is especially more evident among the younger age groups of the world. On a similar note, consumers are becoming acutely aware about the daily dietary requirements of their bodies, encouraging them to […]
World over, the growing incidence of chronic diseases coupled with an increase in hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) are poised to expand the dynamics of the hospital disinfectant products market.  Evidently, the COVID-19 outbreak significantly spiraled the demand for surgical disinfectants in clinics, hospitals, and other medical institutions. Hospital disinfectant products are extensively being used to ensure […]
Plastics have re-emerged as a viable replacement for metals across major industries over the recent past. The shift can be majorly attributed to the technical and functional properties of plastics. The flexibility and lightweight, in particular, have promoted its critical end-use applications. For instance, engineering plastics have found their application in the automotive sector for […]
The global wayside control market is charting a promising growth trajectory owing to the launch of new rail services, new developments in wayside control systems, and improvements in railway routes across the developed parts of the world. The impact of robust digitalization and the pursuit of intelligent technologies has transformed the modern railway industry. Today, intelligent communication […]
Marine biotechnology, also known as blue biotechnology, facilitates the development of novel commercially viable products or applications utilizing resources from aquatic living organisms. It is a branch of research that leverages biotechnology, bioinformatics, molecular biology, and cell biology to come up with pharmaceutical medications, enzymes, and chemical goods from aquatic creatures. Some comprehensive use cases […]
Last mile delivery market is expected to flourish in the coming years as consumers continue to opt for online shopping with rise of e-commerce platforms. Increasing expectations from last mile deliveries from both seller and buyers’ side have become integral to the shape the global last mile delivery market. For instance, the option of same day […]
Energy consumption by industries has accelerated the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, voicing concerns about environmental deterioration. This calls for robust measures and more sustainable and efficient energy solutions to curtail the damage. To this end, governments around the world are undertaking robust initiatives and policies to minimize carbon emissions and mitigate the caused […]
The digitization of payments, from cash to electronic, has promoted the adoption of advanced payment systems such as mPOS terminals. A mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) is a dedicated wireless device that performs the functions of a cash register or electronic point-of-sale terminal (POS terminal). Over the last decade, both developing and developed countries have witnessed the […]
An approximately US$5 Bn global market for transparent conductive films (2021) is foreseen to demonstrate around 10.5% growth between 2022 and 2029. An upcoming study of Fairfield Market Research intends to provide a deep-dive analysis of the market to reveal the most significant growth influencers, trends, remunerative opportunity, and competition. Widespread application in a broad […]
Over the recent past, concerns regarding environmental health and excessive carbon emissions have created a notable impact on the products used for industrial applications. Several governments across the globe have laid down stringent norms to promote sustainable development. Consequently, this has increased the usage of wood plastic composites as a green substitute to conventional wood-based […]
The prevalence of diabetes has been consistently increasing over the past few decades. In 2021, there were over 530 million adults affected by diabetes across the world. Government authorities, healthcare organizations, and the general public have taken cognizance of this worrying trend. This has paved the way for people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and […]
Global commitments to build intelligent and connected cities has created novel business opportunities in the construction sector. Several countries across the world are heavily engaged in renovation activities, mega projects, and development of smart urban centers – all this has exponentially increased the demand for advanced construction equipment. This international scenario has positively influenced the […]
The Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, has massively influenced the adoption of sophisticated technologies such as automation, machine learning, and AI. On a global scale, organizations are rapidly pursuing digital transformation strategies to enhance enterprise-wide efficiency, productivity, and data exchange. In this context, over the recent past, the industrial sensors market has witnessed groundbreaking innovations, substantial […]
The need for collecting and using increasingly large volumes of data while maintaining data integrity and security is aiding growth in the global metadata management tools market. In this data-driven era, metadata management is as critical as data security as suboptimal data can lead to wrong analytics insights and wastage of resources. Centralized data management is […]
Protective coatings continue to be in demand for their superior performance over other conventional finishes on the market. Greater endurance, corrosion and weather resistance, and enhanced aesthetics are expected to remain the key push factors behind surging adoption of protective coatings for a variety of industry applications, as well as surfaces like metal, wood, plastics, […]
The proliferation of better-for-you concept worldwide is expected to drive the growth of quillaja extract market according to the initial findings of the research to be presented in a new upcoming report of Fairfield Market Research. The functional attributes of quillaja extract will continue to translate into a volley of revenue generation opportunities for brands in the […]
Recently, the healthcare industry is making strides toward progressive robotic surgeries at the helm rising calls for automation in processes. The surgical robots market is thriving with the growing acceptance and demand for minimally invasive surgery (MIS) or laparoscopic. This strategic move towards surgical robots is mainly accredited to greater precision, improved screening, and reduced discomfort, pain, […]
World over, the healthcare adhesive tapes market is predicted to prosper over the forecast timeline. Healthcare adhesive tapes promote safety, encouragement in wound healing, and comfort in post-surgery dressings. Sophisticated technology and specialized coating technique make these tapes more resilient to bacterial infections and prevent the wounds from getting contaminated. The availability of healthcare adhesive tapes in […]
In the coming years, the worldwide antifungal agents market is projected to grow at a promising pace owing to the rising incidence of nosocomial infections. Fungi are microorganisms that are capable of causing various infections in humans, spanning from superficial skin to systematic that enter the body through inhalation. Lower immune systems and exposure to unhygienic conditions […]
Food service equipment market is thriving with widespread acceptance and rising demand. The market expansion is mainly driven by the consistent growth and development of the hospitality industry. Burgeoning establishments offering food services are further paving the way for market expansion. Increased consumption of processed food, emerging food service sector, greater calls for cutting-edge kitchen […]
Organisations have been adopting traditional spend analytics to learn about the non-compliance scenarios and recognise the spend leakage cases in their procurement processes. However, the traditional spend analytics process is an extensive offline exercise that typically tends to overlook some of the important aspects like process delays, price variations, discount opportunities, and non-compliant transactions. This […]
Rising awareness regarding fire safety across both residential, and commercial sectors is predominantly driving demand for fire retardant chemicals. Growing demand from manufacturing brands of building and construction materials, electrical appliances, furniture, and kitchenware. Soaring usage of fire retardants in all types of surface regions such as walls, carpets, textiles, papers, and paints is expected to […]
Over the recent past, the reusable water bottle market has gained significant traction owing to the surging demand for bottles that can reduce waste affordably, and protect health as well as the environment. Globally, key players in the reusable water bottles market are ramping up their research and development activities in order to create innovative products. Companies […]
In recent years, the global food authenticity market has gained traction. Burgeoning cases of food fraud and adulterations due to the proliferation of international trade have driven the manufacturers’ adherence to global regulations and mandates. These stringent regulations are accredited to the growing possibilities of fraud and cross-contamination, complexities in the supply chains, and demand for food […]
An alarming rise in the number of surgeries, ascending chronic disease prevalence, increasing rate of hospitalisations, advent of surgical technology and equipment, and the consistently expanding elderly patient population are collectively driving the demand for medical tubing market. Surging preference for minimally invasive surgical procedures is also likely to bode well for mounting demand for medical […]
Of late, rigorous government regulations regarding the discharge of wastewater have led to the rise in the adoption of zero liquid discharge (ZLD) systems across the globe. The rising concerns about the effluents in seawater and ground are creating growth opportunities for the zero liquid discharge market. Zero liquid discharge is a strategic wastewater management system […]
Globally, recent years have seen growing inclination towards development of the patient safety and risk management software. The rising incidence of medical errors along with hospital-acquired infections continues to irk government bodies. This has resulted in the formation of required initiatives to meet the pressing demand for patient safety and outcomes, and curb the increasing healthcare […]
In the recent past, the ayurvedic herbs market has gained tremendous popularity across the world. This popularity is attributed to the consumers that have become more informed about the benefits of organic and natural medicines. Demand for ayurvedic herbs has risen incessantly due to the growing health concerns regarding the apparent side effects of western medicines and […]
The UN estimates worldwide preference for urban areas to grow up to 68% by the end of 2050. Exploding urbanisation, and real estate proliferation across suburban areas are expected to keep solar shading systems market afloat in future. An upcoming study of Fairfield Market Research states that global solar shading systems market is likely to benefit from […]
Coconut milk is a mixture of oil, protein, and water made from freshly shredded coconut kernels. Diluted form of the mixture is referred to as milk, whereas the concentrated form identifies as coconut cream. Coconut cream/milk is utilized in a variety of recipes, including fish and meat dishes, as well as curries. Coconut milk that has been […]
Automated mooring systems maximize berth utilization and improve port operations efficiency. It increases the operational window for product transfer across a wider variety of berthing and environmental conditions, enhances safety, reduces resource and space requirements, requires less time to moor vessels, and reduces infrastructure investment to boost berthing capacity. The use of an automated mooring system lowers CO2 […]
One of the leading fungal infections, onychomycosis continues to demand more effective, and safer treatment alternatives. Worldwide, the annual prevalence of the disease remains between 7% and 10%, which highlights the critical need for proper onychomycosis treatment following appropriate diagnosis. Fairfield Market Research in its new ongoing study would discuss the current and future growth […]
The latest report of Fairfield Market Research intends to provide a complete insightful view and growth forecast of global speciality drug distribution market. The report suggests that the market growth is predominantly driven by the rising chronic disease prevalence. As speciality drug manufacturers are bound to ensure patient access to their products without any compromise on […]
Appearance of medical drones as a futuristic solution to the inaccessibility of even the basic medical facility and healthcare promises a bright future. Although medical drones are currently in their nascent phase, dramatically rising need for reliable delivery of medical supplies between hospitals is likely to underpin the growth of medical drones market. Fairfield Market Research […]
Seasonal influenza continues to be one of the most common, and serious health conditions seen worldwide that even stands as a leading cause of mortality. The need for rapid critical diagnosis thus prevails, pushing the growth of rapid influenza diagnostic testing (RIDT) market. One of the recent studies of Fairfield Market Research focuses on the growth […]


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