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Introduction Fluorescent probes are a kind of fluorescent molecules with characteristic fluorescence in the UV-visible-near infrared region, and their fluorescence properties (emission and excitation wavelength, intensity, polarization, lifetime) could be sensitively changed with the properties of the environment, such as polarity, refractive index, viscosity and so on. They can combine with biomacromolecule such as amino acids, […]
What is HPLC technology? High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is also called “high-speed liquid chromatography”, “high-resolution liquid chromatography”, “modern column chromatography” and so on. High performance liquid chromatography is an important branch of chromatography. It uses liquid as the mobile phase, and uses a high-pressure injection system to pump single solvents with different polarities or solvents […]
Polyethylene glycol (PEG), a compound composed of repeated ethylene glycol units [-(CH2CH2O)n], is also known as Macrogols. PEG and PEG derivatives have the characteristics of non-irritation, good water solubility, good compatibility, etc. . At the same time, they possess excellent lubricity, moisture retention and dispersibility so that they can be used as adhesives, antistatic agents […]
Unlike the development of most small or large molecules, which typically measures only one part or the metabolite for pharmacokinetic analysis, multiple parts of ADCs need to be measured to characterize their PK properties. Therefore, a thorough understanding of the clinical pharmacology of ADCs is critical for selecting a safe and effective dose for patients.  Biological Analysis of ADC […]
Professor Shiyue Fang from the Department of Chemistry, Michigan Technological University, accepted BOC Sciences' invitation to present his insightful ideas about sensitive nucleic acid applications and chemical synthesis.   It's still a conundrum for scientists to access nucleic acids containing sensitive modified nucleosides since they are sensitive to the conditions used in current synthesis technologies. Therefore, BOC Sciences is hosting a webinar entitled […]
Vaccine adjuvants are substances that can non-specifically alter or enhance the body's specific immune responses to an antigen and serve as adjuvants. Adjuvants can induce the body to produce long-term and efficient specific immune responses, improve the body's protective ability, reduce the number of immune substances, and save the cost of vaccine production. Generally speaking, […]
There are both large and small ADC molecules. A variety of biological analysis methods and platforms are needed to analyze the diversity of ADCs. Conventional LC-MS/MS small-molecule assays are often used to analyze uncoupled payloads and DAR distributions over time, while ligand binding assays (LBA) and LC-MS/MS can also be used to analyze total antibodies (TAb) and […]
Unlike the development of most small or large molecules, which typically measures only one part or the metabolite for pharmacokinetic analysis, multiple parts of ADCs need to be measured to characterize their PK properties. Therefore, a thorough understanding of the clinical pharmacology of ADCs is critical for selecting a safe and effective dose for patients.  Biological Analysis of ADC […]
Antimicrobial peptides (AMP) are a large class of active oligopeptides resistant to harmful organisms (or pathogens) such as bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses. Because it generally has a sufficient positive charge and is often accompanied by hydrophobicity, it can be combined with the biofilm containing a negative charge under the action of static electricity, penetrating and destroying […]
Antimicrobial peptides mainly carry out non-specific rapid killing and intracellular interference on the cell membrane of harmful pathogens and do not target specific molecular pathways, which greatly reduces the probability of bacterial resistance to antimicrobial peptides. Therefore, it is of great significance to apply antimicrobial peptides to the clinical research of antimicrobial drugs. In most cases, antimicrobial […]
Lung cancer is a major type of cancer in the world, with the highest morbidity and mortality among all malignant tumors. ALK-positive non-small cell lung cancer (ALK+ NSCLC) is a relatively rare and dangerous subtype, with patients suffering from a high incidence rate of brain metastases. Statistics show that about 55% of ALK-positive advanced NSCLC […]
Background DNA-stable isotope probing technology (DNA-SIP) is a molecular ecology technology that uses stable isotopes to trace the genomic DNA of microorganisms in complex environments. Making use of stable isotopes to trace microbial genomic DNA in complicated environments can realize the transformation of research from single microbial physiological process to physiology and ecology of microbial community, […]
Atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) is a successful example of controlled radical polymerization which involves equilibria between growing chain radicals and their dormant counterparts. It is different from conventional free radical polymerization because of the ability of a redox-active transition metal complex to affect the reversible activation/deactivation rate of the growth center. As the name implies, […]
Polymer testing and characterization is a key to solving the relationship between material composition, structure, and performance. Through a series of characterization techniques, the size, morphology, structure, chemical composition, thermal properties, mechanical properties, etc. of polymers can be studied qualitatively and quantitatively. This is a complex and multi-faceted process that should only be done by those with years […]
Introduction to Insecticides   Insecticides are a class of chemicals mainly used to control agricultural pests and urban sanitation pests. The use of insecticides has a long history, a large amount and a variety of varieties, which have played an extremely important role in increasing agricultural production.   1. Classification of Insecticides Source According to the source […]
It's verified by BOC Sciences officials that the critical specialty chemical distearyl phthalic acid amide is now in steady supply, aiming to accelerate the development of cosmetics industry.   As a science-driven chemical manufacturer, BOC Sciences has been sticking to its path of innovation since its inception. Over the decades, its product portfolio has expanded to […]
BOC Sciences helps clinicians and researchers to exploit the immense potential of Computer-Aided Drug Discovery in the design and identification of drug molecules and thereby helping the management of fatal diseases.   The recent outbreak of the deadly coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19) pandemic poses serious health concerns around the world. The lack of approved drugs or vaccines […]
BOC Sciences declares that some of its peptide products have been proven applicable for osteoporosis treatment, which is a significant contribution to the therapeutic areas.   Bone tissue engineering and the research surrounding peptides have expanded significantly over the last few decades. Several peptides have been shown to support and stimulate the bone healing response and […]
Owing to the continuously upgraded synthesis technologies and analytical abilities, BOC Sciences has performed well in the polymer industry, serving the community with a comprehensive product portfolio and valuable technical support.   BOC Sciences thoroughly understands the significance of polymers in the chemical industry. Therefore, it has invested much energy in developing polymerization expertise, namely […]
BOC Sciences announces support for antibody–drug conjugate (ADC) development, registration, and release by providing comprehensive analysis and characterization technologies.   The development of antibody–drug conjugates (ADCs) poses challenges to bioanalysis because of their inherently intricate structures and potential for very complex catabolism. BOC Sciences, the leading ADC solution provider, proposes its integrated testing strategies for structure, purity, and […]
BOC Sciences recently launched the PEG GMP manufacture service, a novel solution that aims at providing GMP-grade PEG products for a wide scope of applications.   After a long period of preparation, BOC Sciences eventually introduced its PEG GMP manufacture platform to the public in August, indicating its ability to flexibly produce high-purity PEG materials for various needs, either […]
The chief technician of BOC Sciences ADC development center recently reported some detailed information regarding its antibody modification and conjugation technologies, bringing the audience and customers a better understanding of how BOC Sciences has contributed to the ADC industry.   The newest report on ADC tech released by BOC Sciences officials has attracted much attention from […]
BOC Sciences' chemical products have been applied in a wide range of research projects and helped achieve groundbreaking breakthroughs.   Whether or not maternal vertically transferred antibodies can protect newborns against internally-replicating pathogens has remained a key unanswered question. Now, a new article Pregnancy enables antibody protection against intracellular infection published in Nature sheds light on this query.   The […]
BOC Sciences recently confirmed to its customers that over 10,000 impurities are now in stock, ready for immediate delivery.   Since pharmaceutical impurities may increase the potential for toxicity, side effects, and serious implications for human health, the study on it is so much focused that there is a soaring demand for different types of impurity products. BOC […]
BOC Sciences' monthly report released in August showed that its peptide products had vastly facilitated the R&D of cardiovascular therapies.   February is set as American Heart Month since heart disease is the number one cause of death for most groups, affecting all ages, genders, and races. More than 600,000 Americans die from heart disease every […]
As a pioneer in stable isotopic labeling chemistry, BOC Sciences develops a large variety of SIL compounds. Its promotion of labeled peptides, the increasingly used materials for convenient detection in research, is on the boil in August.     BOC Sciences has produced hundreds of custom labeled peptides with stable isotopes of 2H (deuterium), 15N, and 13C. They are widely […]
As the leading expert in computer-aided drug discovery, BOC Sciences has developed compound docking technologies to facilitate the discovery of novel ligands for over 30 targets.   Has compound docking ever brought us medicine? This was generally questioned in the pharmaceutical industry. With many innovators like BOC Sciences springing up and improvements being made in computational chemistry, compound docking is […]
BOC Sciences grandly announced the schedule of a free webinar on September 19th, 2022, at 11:00 EDT, which is a laudable event centering on the hot spot of RNA research during the pandemic.   BOC Sciences is an expert in RNA technologies. It is now renowned as the largest manufacturer of pseudoUridine and its derivatives, […]
ADC is a complex that conjugates cytotoxic small molecule drugs to monoclonal antibodies through a rationally constructed linker, which can selectively deliver effective cytotoxic drugs into tumors. Currently, the FDA has approved 11 ADC drugs for marketing, and hundreds more are in clinical trials.   No. ADC Drugs Targets 1 Trastuzumab emtansine (T-DMI) HER2 2 […]
What is Precision Fermentation   Precision fermentation is a technology that utilizes microorganisms as cell factories to produce specific functional components. It allows microorganisms to be programmed to afford complex organic molecules, such as proteins, enzymes, fats, vitamins, natural pigments, etc. In biology, fermentations refer to specific metabolic pathways that extract energy from molecules, usually in the absence […]
  BOC Sciences has been constantly enriching its peptide product library for years. Its peptides for diabetes research are recently brought into focus due to the growing concerns on this problem.   According to data from the WHO, a large number of adults are having diabetes mellitus, a chronic metabolic disorder characterized by hyperglycemia. The absolute […]
As an expert in chemistry, BOC Sciences understands how important the quality of phosphoramidite is to successful oligo synthesis and remarkably, it has taken concrete actions to manufacture certified products.   Hundreds of phosphoramidites for oligonucleotide synthesis, not only the common DNA and RNA phosphoramidites but also 2′-modified phosphoramidites, reverse phosphoramidites, 3′-NH phosphoramidites, etc., are now within the range of BOC […]
“Whether your studies involve DNA sequencing, cDNA synthesis, RT-PCR, RCA, MDA, DNA labeling, in vitro transcription, siRNA synthesis, or RNA amplification, we stock hundreds of modified or natural NTPs to suit your various molecular biological applications,” a BOC Sciences manager announces to the public.   As an active participant in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, BOC Sciences emphasizes its […]


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