10 Best Examples of B2B Website Designs to Inspire in 2020

In the modern business world, everything is turning into digitalization; a firm website is a valuable asset. It does not matter if you are a business proprietor or a website designer, developing an effective B2B website needs knowing the best practices to drive organic traffic and also need to improve quality. So you are in the right place, here you can ample tactics to inspire the designs of the website.  A website is a key factor in the success of a business as it gives the first impression on the peoples. Research shows that 45% of consumers base their decisions on the integrity of a website with its visual appeal and esthetics. 

Here are 10 great examples of B2B website designs to inspire in the year 2020.

  • Sprint- If the content or layout is unattractive, 38% of people will stop linking to a website. Alternatively, if your web content is lively and positive, it will certainly leave an optimistic impact on your users. Wisely choose your content which signifies the company mission and vision statements. Always inform your visitors with engaging and reliable content. Be accurate for B2B websites, so plainly tell them the advantages of partnering with you. Content is a factor that helps users prioritize significant information.

  • JCurve Solutions- JCurve specialized in meeting the needs of small companies. It provides enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to organizations. The site explains flat design techniques, with lots of informative videos describing the advantages of executing ERP and how to acquire visitors. It offers an easy language that even a new owner can easily understand.

  • Rollpark- Rollpark is in the making of customizable parking areas to be used for commercial vehicles using geotextiles. When you visit the Rollpark website, it presents potential B2B buyers with videos of the product and services in action and numbers. The website designers also include the major challenges that link to the Rollpark case study presenting the parking challenges and how the corporation helped them beat the concern.

  • Powerwest- It is an Australian B2B company involved in offering and designing power generation resolutions to mining and resource organizations. When you click on the site, you will immediately find what this firm can do for you. The language used on this site is simply understood and assisted by high-resolution images of job sites. Even CTAs are attractive and their navigation panel is simple to follow. So these features will inspire you for B2B website design in 2020.

  • Rocka- Rocka facilitates designers and entrepreneurs, especially startups, to build and launch digital businesses. With a long-scroll design, bold colors and simple, animated backgrounds of different geometric shapes will amaze you. Rocka made a name for himself in design, creativity, and innovation.

  • Zendesk- Zendesk is a service CRM company that creates software designed to perk up customer relationships.  The website provides excellent customer support service. It also has a feature to chat and talk to a live representative, to take full advantage of the full experience. Zendesk's website design mainly focuses on customer relationships. Zendesk is powerful and flexible and scales to address the needs of any business.

  • Quid- The main agenda of the website – less is more! Website designers hate mess and chaos. Quid software can read billions of documents and provide insights by visually systematizing that content. Its homepage is an enormous example of a modest approach to the design. Since it is polished and clear, even the nominal detail has a huge impact on guests.  Quid clearly cites the meaning from any sort of content, revealing what is behind.

  • Asana- Asana is a website designed to help companies to organize, track, and manage their work effectively. The motto of the Asana is to work anytime and anywhere. Asana organizes work so crews are clear what to do, why it matters. It can say it is a work manager. A call-to-action button is tactically placed on this website which directs users directly to where the website wants them to go. These CTAs are helpful with engaging animation of products that turn potential leads into customers.

  • Drift- Drift stands out in the crowd – no stock photos, no clutter. This B2B website is a significant example of a minimal, tangle-free website. The website introduces its workers and gives users information about the people behind the corporation. Through this feature it makes visitors feel friendly and more connected which easily wins their faith. Every Webpage has a smiling face, while pictures of peoples and groups are elegantly integrated into the website's design. Besides, the drift website maintains a balance between a simple style and visual experience.

  • Hootsuite- Cleanness and transparency are what give a b2b website design an apparent idea about the trade and helps clientele make decisions speedily. This philosophy has been practically executed by Hootsuite in their website design. HootSuite cleverly explained all the features, advantages, and experience of their product in an essence on their website. Visitors easily get relevant information on the website. Interestingly, ranging from small businesses and large companies can prefer their pricing plans based on the volume of their business.

Final note- As the owner or designer of a B2B website, you need to understand that your website should attractively speak about the company. The above websites help in Website design and turn visitors into potential clientele.


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