Fibromyalgia and the Benefits of Relaxation Therapy – Let's Just Relax!

Stretching to cure fibromyalgia. I stretched a lot – I still Cerisea Medica Plus Review  do stretch a lot. I love the way my body feels so free and open after stretching. It wasn't always that way though. When I first started stretching it did not feel good most of the time. I had so many layers of scar tissue and stress chemical buildup in my body that stretching felt difficult and useless and even painful – it felt like I was trying to stretch a brick wall.

I developed a few stretches that did feel good and got me past this period and now when I stretch a new area and it feels like this I know that I have hit an area still full of scar tissue and stress chemicals and this is a good area to go slow with but definitely keep at it.

Massage to cure fibromyalgia. I did trigger point self-massage in the early days to get past some of my most damaged areas. This is where I would rub, with my fingers or a tennis ball or a massage tool, an area that was sending referred pain to wherever I was having the most pain. There is a wonderful book that teaches this called The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Clair Davies.

I also started getting weekly massages – first regular, relaxing massages, and then when I was ready I moved to deep-tissue massage. I felt the deep tissue massage was phenomenal at healing fibromyalgia. It got new blood to every single tissue and cleared out old, stagnant blood and stress chemicals and trigger points. It hurt. But it was worth it.


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