How to Increase the Capacity of Fuel Tanks?

The time has gone when almost all the fuel tanks were used to be made using steel. Now more than 70% of vehicles in the US have plastic tanks. However, the strength and efficiency offered by other materials such as stainless steel and aluminum is something that you can’t neglect. Whether it is about generator tanks or it is about car tanks, metal has always been preferred for many reasons.

A lot of car owners are curious to know how they can have additional fuel capacity in their vehicles. Some want to know the techniques to add larger boat gas tanks so that they don’t have to worry amidst the ride. You never know how frustrating experience it could be to have no fuel in the tank when you’ve come far from the seashore.

Here are some popular ways you can increase the capacity of your fuel tank:

Replace the tank with a bigger one

Maybe you’re not convinced with the current fuel capacity of your generator tanks. You may already have got some inputs if you have read the answers in other forums. Generators are required for power backup and they play an essential role. In case, you need to run your generator for hours and don’t want to bother frequent refueling, it is the best idea to replace the tank with a larger one.

For example, if you’re having a 30-gallon tank in your Genset and you think it’s insufficient for running the generator for the hours you estimated, it’s a good idea to consider bigger generator tanks. You can contact tank manufacturers for custom tank solutions. They can build you a tank that fits your application and also meets the industrial standards.

Install additional tank

If we talk about the modern boat and car models, they barely have any spare room to add another tank inside of them. But, if you’re having a Jeep or Truck then it is possible that you may find some space for installing an additional tank. The second fuel tank may find its place below the driver’s seat or somewhere inside the bonnet.

Many people struggle with less mileage of their vehicles. It could be really disappointing for them to stop the vehicle every few miles. This is why they fear of long drives because not everywhere they can find a fuel station. To avoid yourself from being stuck in a distant area, you may consider additional boat gas tanks.

Repair the existing tank

This is the last option you may chime in to cut your tank walls and weld a metal sheet around the tank. It is definitely a work of professional so you have to contact a tank technician. It can be difficult for you to remove a permanent tank but it is not that hard when you have the right tools and skills to do it. The work will involve accurate fittings of pumps, hoses, and valves. So if you want to increase the fuel capacity of your existing tank, you may contact professionals for customization.


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Written by Brandon Hefner

All aluminum, stainless steel and steel tanks that we build tanks out of are made right here in the USA. We do not import any material outside the USA. All tanks are built to exceed USCG requirements.

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