Website Errors That Can Cause You Highly in Terms of Lost Conversions & Traffic

Creating a website requires maintenance, support, and time-to-time check-ups to see if everything is up to par. Conversion is a parameter that defines the success of a website. It is actually the ratio of the number of people converting to the number of people visiting your site.

           As claimed by Unbounce, an average landing page receives a conversion rate of 4.02%. This figure is quite shocking as most of the visitors will prove to be good for nothing to your website but you can stick them to your page if you apply suitable techniques.

           To achieve successful conversions, you need to optimize your site, keeping in mind some of the most significant technical factors that will attract more audiences towards your webpage for increased conversion rates. This might need a strategy, starting with identifying the principal reasons that can put you down when it comes to conversions and then applying the most suitable remedies to counter the problem.

           This article sheds light on the top reasons that lead to fewer conversions according to some of the best web development services. They are:

Broken Links

           When people visit a website, they are in search of something. If you provide these visitors with links that are not working, then you will lose conversions as a penalty. To overcome this problem, you have to work your fingers to the bone to ensure that every link works perfectly with no broken link at all. You can vanquish this problem if and only if you keep your site up-to-date.

HTTP errors

           The site should be absolutely impeccable and must be exclusive of all HTTP errors. Sometimes, there might be a problem in the user’s internet but mostly, it is from the site's end that it does not work and shows this type of error. The only way to avoid such errors is to write better codes. This is where you might need a helping hand from web development service providers like Cydomedia who are experts in conducting technical website audits and removing all kinds of such page load errors..

No internal Links

           Internal links assist the audience to navigate with ease. Internal links work as bridges that lead to a different webpage of the same domain. More internal links entail more information but on a different page. You will need to provide all information on the same webpage if you don't facilitate users with internal links. This will slow your website down and make it a mess. Providing users with internal links not only avoids mess but eases your efforts.

No CTA Buttons

           CTA refers to “Call-To-Action”. It simply means what it says. The site must guide users on what to do next. That is why you will need to provide your website with cool and flickering CTA buttons that can grab the attention of your visitors, sticking them to the webpage. Also, just providing CTA will not work until and unless it looks attractive and alluring. Make sure to give your CTAs an eye-catching look with pleasing color schemes and suitable font sizes.

Long or Complex contract forms

           Some websites require their visitors to fill a form. This may be a survey or a payment form. Nonetheless, contact forms should be short but comprehensive. Otherwise, the site will end-up with decreased conversions. Do not make the contact form lengthy and boring. Keep it short with easy-to-answer questions that are to-the-point. In short, avoid redundancy and maintain pertinency.


           Mistakes and human errors are inevitable, but one can boost the chances of a successful webpage with cogitation, contemplation, and being multi-dimensional in thought. Make a website while following the strategy of the most in-demand web development services for a masterstroke in the market.


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