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10 methods to keep the house tidy while the dog is dashing in and out 

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You may educate your pet to wipe his paws on the doormat after entering from cat door installation by watching videos on YouTube. Although it's great to see in movies, I haven't yet observed my dog doing it. Fortunately, there are alternatives. 

10. The entry mat 

The majority of the dirt or moisture will drop off in this dry-run zone if you provide a 5-step entrance. The ideal layout for such a zone would be a mat, followed by four more steps on tiles or similar easily sanitised surface. 

9. A cup for drinking and a soft towel 

Does your dog enjoy playing in the garden or going on walks where they could get wet or dirty? He'll be thirsty when he returns, and whether it's clean or dirty, he'll want to go right to his drinking dish. At the conclusion of the dry run zone, provide a bowl of water and a soft towel; while he sips, he will receive a towel hug. Drying and drinking both take about the same amount of time. a perfect fit! 

8. an urn 

It shouldn't be too far away from the basket either. An exhausted dog only considers one thing. to sleep in his basket. 

7. numerous baskets 

The basket may consist of several baskets: one for peaceful sleeping, one for watching the garden, and one for being with people. So be sure to designate a few locations in your home to reflect various times of the day. 

6. His sofa 

The basket to monitor the garden, the street, the driveway, etc., may be the most crucial one. A sleeping dog simply needs to lift his head to see out of a window that is low enough to the ground or a window in a door. Alternately, if you don't feel like renovating, place a comfortable old couch and a warm blanket so you may gaze out the tall window! By doing this, your dog won't have to constantly stand up and won't become stressed. 

5. In-ground shower 

A garden shower is a great gardening idea! Blessed cooling for the dog (and yourself!) in the sweltering summer heat, as well as the perfect setting for giving him a thorough shampoo or combing. The only location where you may make full body contact with a wet dog! 

4. The bathroom area 

Did you know that dolomite is quite easy to maintain? Use a soft dolomite that doesn't harm the paws or scrapes them if it goes between the toes. An absolute necessity is a “doggy bathroom zone”: a few square metres, finished with wire, where you allow him do his needs from puppy on. 

3. The hedge 

Look where the wind typically comes from (there's moss on the trunk of your trees: that's where the wind usually comes from! ), keep that in mind, or create a hedge around it: a toilet zone like this can smell a little and might cause some inconvenience. 

2. Be very cautious 

Dogs are very resourceful and can accomplish a lot if they are suddenly motivated to escape. If the dog is allowed to roam free in the garden (they love it! ), take extra precautions. If you think a certain height of wire is adequate, get one size higher. If you have complete confidence in that sliding lock, add another key lock. You're sure he's not digging? Then, just to be sure, put a strip of 1 m wide garden wire under 10 cm of dirt under the 

1. Lastly 

There is nothing more annoying for a dog than being locked inside while that cat is strolling through the garden, there are leaves on the lawn to play with, those tiles of the terrace are so blissfully warmed up by the sun to lie on,… Give your dog his freedom and install a nice wooden Tomsgates dog door so he can walk in and out freely. 



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