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You love the ocean so much that you want to create your own beach house. If you’re checking out options and trying to decide which themes, decorations, or ideas you want to play with, here’s a list of decorations that you’ll want to explore.


There’s nothing like good old shells to remind you of the sea. Even if you don’t live near the shore, just seeing shells and furniture pieces designed with shells can make you feel like you’ve stepped into a beach or island home.

Twine or Rope

You can string up those shells or put that rope inside a jar. By adding ropes and twine to your décor, you can create that warm and messy but homey look for your ocean-themed decor. The rope or twine is also a good look since they remind you of sailors, boats, and even pirates.


You can find fresh starfishes but they need to be soaked in a solution to make sure they don’t smell and rot.


You can put together driftwood, some branches, and then a few of the shells that you love collecting from all your beach trips.


You can wrap up the candles with twine or thin rope. You don’t need to wrap everything. Let the twine go around the candles once or twice and then cut the ends off. Repeat until there’s enough rope around the candles. You can do half or just one-fourth. It’s also a good idea to customize your candles. Make them in sea green, so they’re a perfect fit with the rest of your decors.
Sea Glass

Be sure to use sea glass. There are plenty of tutorials on how to make sea glass bottles, so you won’t have to worry about a thing. You can also just shop around for sea glass items or jars.


You can also make a wreath of driftwood and design it with shells, shellfish, or any other material that you want to recycle.

Candler Holder

You can use driftwood as a candleholder. Sand and treat the wood. Then start working on the material. Get tips from experts on how to carve driftwood for your home.


Try making a net or stitching one up. If you miss the sea, then you can use nets as part of your décor. You can make one or buy one. Have fun shopping when you check out bro

Flowers and Shells

You can also put together shells and flowers. If you have any potted plants at home, put some shells on the flowers. You can use them at the base, too, to get rid of a new girl in line.

Shells in a Bowl

Put some sand in a bowl, decorate it with shells, and then you’ve got another addition to your beach-themed decors.

Shells in a Lantern

If you have a small lantern or two, put shells inside. That’s another decorative idea that you’ll want to try and explore.


Use anything ship-related from anchors and ropes to nets, and more.


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