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18k Gold Wedding Band Men Are Becoming Popular Day by Day

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Presenting gold stuff in different social and religious functions has become very popular in society. It has become a status symbol and this is why people present gold jewelries on different occasions. Not only has this buying gold become a fashion too in different religious occasions. But when you are going to buy gold, you always would like to buy pure original gold. Therefore you may have confusion regarding the purity measure of the 18k gold wedding band mens. Mostly purity is measured by karat. Therefore you will see that gold ornaments are marked as 24k, 22k, 18 k, and many more. In this article, we are going to tell you about how you can understand which gold is pure and the extent of its purity.

Up to Which Extent 18k Gold Is Pure

As this article is on the purity measure of gold, thus, you should know that pure gold is never suitable to make any ornament. Pure gold is very soft in appearance and if you make gold ornaments out of them, it will never stay in shape properly. Thus other metals needed to mix with it to make it hard and tough. Therefore you will never get 100% pure gold as an ornament. To make ornaments out of gold, an 18k wedding band is also made of such alloy metal of gold. Here the percentage of gold is 75% and the other metal mixed into it is 25%.

This will make the gold firm enough to make an 18k wedding band from it. Normally the gold jewelry makers mix copper or bronze with gold so as to make the alloy metals. These two metals are also important to keep the color of gold intact and make it harder. The glaze of the metals also remains almost the same when copper and bronze are mixed with them. Other than that, there are some more alloys which are made of gold like white gold or rose gold. White gold is made when silver is mixed with it. The more silver you put into the alloy, the whiter the metal becomes.

Now if you consider the price, then it is obvious that the 24 karat gold ornaments are costlier than that of the 18k gold wedding band mens. Since this amount is different in these cases, the price also differs from each other. So if you are having any kind of problem with the amount of money you are having, then you can use the 18 karat gold to make your ring. From another perspective, it is very useful for men since thinner wedding rings are more comfortable to wear.



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