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Shoulder blades are extensive triangle shaped bones which are above the back. That bone is covered & backed with complex muscles that collectively work to support in moving your arm. Shoulder injuries can occur due to any pull in the muscle & can induce shoulder pain. A common stretch in the shoulder blade can even strain from working out intensely, lifting heavy weights, or even resting in a discomfiting position. Surely Altrincham Manchester shoulder pain specialists are there to treat you, but you can even deal with it on your own. 

Now quickly let's have a look at 3 easy ways to massage your shoulder blade to relieve from pain:

  1. Stretch out your shoulder blade muscles.

If you are facing any shoulder discomfort, the first thing you can do is stretch out the muscles of your shoulder blade. You can do this even while standing or laying on the mat. This will help your shoulder muscles stretch & untangle any tangled nerve. To practice this you do not need any heavy equipment. You can simply roll your shoulders a couple of times & swing your arms in a circular movement. This will eventually loosen up your muscles.

  1. Use foam rollers & tennis balls.

Roller foams are cylinder looking objects with a firm & cushiony structure. Those foam rollers & tennis balls can effectively help you massage the shoulder blades. You have to do this by laying down on the floor and keeping the foam roller at the 60 degree angle of your spine. Similar is the functioning with the tennis ball. Place them under your shoulders & keep it moving around your muscles.

  1. Gently strip the shoulder blades.

Gently stripping the shoulder blades is a worthy massaging technique. With this, you can effectively relieve the stress on your muscles & also reduce the discomforting ache. Even this technique is quite easy to perform. Ask your loved one to place their one hand on your lower back. In a way that your shoulder blade must protrude. And then gently pull the shoulder blade by yourself. Also with the help of your thumb, put some pressure underneath your shoulder blades. Repeat this till the time you feel comfortable.

Know when to consult a doctor

It is important to consult a practitioner for a Stockport shoulder pain massage if the pain stays for a longer time. If you are not able to do any shoulder movement or your pain doesn't stop after 2 weeks.

You must even visit & take a Manchester physiotherapy immediately if your pain gets chronic.

Every problem has a solution, so it is also possible to treat & prevent shoulder pain. You can do exercises daily to lessen & control shoulder pain. You can even try some home remedies & treat your shoulder pain. 

Speak to your therapist before beginning to add any exercise to your routine.


At CT Clinic, our practitioners can help you heal all your muscle problems. To book an appointment with our Shoulder specialist, visit us now. Also, connect us at info@ctclinic.co.uk or call at (+44) 0161 4597 034.


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