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4.0 Construction site with wheel washers

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The Internet of Things is coming. Are you prepared to connect the machines on your construction site? Tecnoter starts with wheel washers to make work an experience to benefit from.

The Internet of Things in construction

The Internet of Things (IoT) is coming. In reality it has already arrived: in the construction sector we talk of Construction 4.0, directly linked to the concept of Industry 4.0, the one in which machines, materials and technology enter into symbiosis to make work a real experience from which to benefit. Permanent Hydraulic magnet

IoT technology is able to bring so many advantages to the construction site that interconnection will soon become practically mandatory.

In a 4.0 construction site, the IoT makes machines and tools “smart”. But what does this mean?

It means transforming the construction site into a much safer environment (as we talked about in this article on construction technology), increasing productivity, preventing breakdowns with scheduled maintenance interventions, decreasing overhead costs, improving the customer experience and reduce environmental pollution.

Not to mention a certain convenience: the IoT interconnection allows full remote control from any device (tablet, smartphone and PC), guarantees real-time communication and consequently favors time savings, both in terms of management and execution.

4.0 construction site: start with wheel washers with TCConnect

In this context, TCConnect fits perfectly, the system introduced by Tecnoter Group for the IoT connection of construction site wheel washers. A system that allows the complete management of your own wheel washers. Worldwide. Hydraulic scrap magnets

The system is based on access to a platform that allows, after logging in to your user profile, to manage practically every specification and every preference of the machine. Control and monitoring are customized based on login:

– login as dealer: the dealer can see and operate on all the customer machines assigned and can check the working hours of each machine, any maintenance needs, any abnormal operations and, if necessary, also set operating parameters

–login as a client: the client can see all machines, access the usage log, adjust some operating parameters relating to site needs, activate additional “operator” profiles to be assigned to the employees of each individual site; in this way, the client’s central offices will be able to manage each machine, but the general site manager will be able to operate exclusively on his own machine(s).

Check your wheel washers for TCConnect!

A great advantage of the TCConnect system is that it is easy to implement. Tecnoter is one of the first companies to offer its customers this opportunity and, in parallel with the system, has designed the Next Gen 4.0 wheel washers precisely with the mission of making IoT interconnection in an intuitive and rapid way (read more about Next Gen 4.0 wheel washers in this article).

Thanks to Next Gen 4.0 wheel washers, simply request TCConnect and provide a SIM card to control your machine from any device.

Check for specific needs:

if you already have a Tecnoter wheel washer, simply indicate the system in use and ask for the corresponding interconnection kit as well as providing a SIM card. The Tecnoter assistance network will do the rest and the wheel washer will be ready to be managed by the client or the dealer;

if, on the other hand, you have “old generation” wheel washers, you will need to request an increased kit capable of interfacing with the control panel already on board the wheel washer. Also in this case, Tecnoter assistance will take care of all the steps necessary to make the wheel washer ready for the 4.0 Construction Site. Hydraulic magnet for excavator

Times are changing and we need to adapt: Tecnoter’s goal is to foster innovation as a combination of technology, prevention and productivity, and bring it to its customers in a simple and immediately usable way.


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