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When you’re in a relationship, there are a couple of key days every year that require you to bring your A-game: your partner’s birthday, your anniversary, and Valentine’s Day.

Don’t think of them as obligations. Instead, consider each occasion your time to shine—a unique opportunity to show your partner that no one knows them better than you do.

Of course, it’s difficult to make the ideal impression if your outfit is off the mark. You can’t show up underdressed, overdressed, or wearing something that clashes with your date’s outfit.

Whether it’s a smart navy blue blazer or a short sleeve dress shirt, choosingthe right clothing for your Valentine Day’s date might seem daunting. But with these four strategies, you can dress your best and set the tone for an occasion to remember.

Take the Temperature of Your Relationship

When it comes to impressing that special someone on Valentine’s Day, you want to exceed expectations. But that doesn’t mean going overboard—taking things too far might send the wrong message, which can impact your partner’s experience.

Start deciding what to wear by considering what your date expects from this year’s Valentine’s Day outing. Is it a casual night out, or is it an evening to dress up in your fanciest threads? Dress in a way that shows you understand your partner’s expectations.

Location, Location, Location

Not every Valentine’s Day date means you have to show up in a tux with balloons and a box of chocolates. For example, if you’re headed to a casual dinner or seeing a movie at the theater, you can wear a simple yet stylish collared shirt. You can look the part without the black tie.

On the other hand, if you’re taking your date to a new upscale restaurant that just opened, you’d be wise to ask about the dress code when you call to make your reservation. If there is a dress code, let your partner know ahead of time so you can both dress accordingly.

Know Your Date’s Tastes

There’s an art to giving your significant other exactly what they want without having to ask beforehand. It comes down to understanding their tastes, and it’s a huge part of Valentine’s Day.

No one expects you to be clairvoyant, but you can at least make an educated guess when it comes to choosing the best attire on Valentine’s Day. Don’t just throw on what you think makes you look best—consider what your date might wear and what they’d like to see you in.

Stay Cool and Comfortable

Not every Valentine’s Day is a high-stakes affair. You might simply be planning to carve out a few hours on a weeknight to spend time together, cooking a special dinner at home while your partner relaxes on the couch, or grabbing your favorite fast food on the way to a basketball game.

For a more casual celebration, your outfit should keep you cool and comfortable without sacrificing your style. Some of the best golf polos out there are an excellent choice. You could also wear a blazer over a comfortable t-shirt or opt for that new quarter zip.

However you dress this Valentine’s Day, don’t choose an outfit that’s a one-trick pony. Pick something stylish that checks all the boxes.

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