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Gaming is real fun, and a gaming TV enhances the gaming experience drastically. Now, Sony has already launched its PlayStation 5, which is one of the most advanced and latest gaming consoles available in the market on today’s date. So, it is equally important to get a gaming TV that runs the next generation console up to its best abilities. As compared to the previous version of the PS5, it supports 4K gaming at the frame rate of 120 frames per second. There are various companies that manufacture a variety of 4K gaming TVs that are compatible and best work with the next-gen PS5. You have to choose the best TV according to your requirements and budget. In this article, we have listed some of the best televisions for PS5 that you can consider buying this year.


LG CX OLED is an excellent gaming TV from LG that delivers stunning performance and is highly suitable for the ongoing latest gaming console PS5. It is a premium 4K TV that comes with an OLED panel and outstanding picture quality. Its OLED panel has the ability to turn off the pixels individually. This is why it features an infinite contrast ratio. It also comes with four HDMI 2.1 ports that support the 4K resolution at 120Hz.

Samsung Q80/Q80T QLED

Samsung Q80/Q80T QLED is another excellent 4K gaming TV from Samsung that is highly compatible with the newly launched PS5. It can deliver outstanding performance with its mind-blowing picture quality. It comes with superb QLED technology, which makes this gaming TV the unique one. It allows you to watch the content in different viewing angles because of the “Ultra Viewing Angle” layer from Samsung. When it comes to the best gaming experience, one of the best features of this TV is that it produces deep blacks for darkroom games for a more enhanced and precise gaming experience.


SONY X900H is one of the best 4K gaming TVs that is entirely compatible with the latest PlayStation 5 and available in the market on today’s date. Also, if you are running low on your budget, you can definitely consider this TV as you can get this at a very affordable price. This TV is well suited for dark rooms and has the ability to adapt automatically according to environmental conditions. It also has two HDMI 2.1 inputs. It is a great alternative to Samsung Q80/Q80T QLED if you have less budget.

Vizio P Series Quantum 2020

Vizio P Series Quantum 2020 is another budget-friendly 4K gaming TV that can be easily connected to PS5 and will make great use of the recently launched gaming console. It also delivers stunning performance and comes with a wide variety of features, such as a BFI feature that helps in reduced motion blur and a quick response time. It also features great brightness and a fantastic color gamut in order to provide the best HDR experience.


HISENSE H8G is one of the brighter 4K gaming TVs, which is the least expensive, and you can get it at a very affordable price. It is highly compatible with the latest PlayStation 5 and delivers great performance. It is best suited for well-lit rooms. However, it does not have VRR support, but it gets enough brighter. It is another gaming TV that can provide you 4K resolution under such a low budget that you must consider if you are looking to buy a 4K gaming TV for your PlayStation 5.

This article concludes the five best 4K gaming TVs that deliver excellent performance and are highly compatible with the recently arrived Sony PS5.



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