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5 Effective Tips to Remove Hijackers from Your Amazon Listings

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Dealing with Amazon listing hijackers can be a frustrating and challenging experience for any seller. These unauthorized third-party sellers can harm your brand reputation and steal potential sales. To protect your business, here are five essential tips to remove hijackers on your amazon.

1.Regularly Monitor Your Listings

The first step in preventing listing hijackers is vigilant monitoring. Keep a close eye on your product listings by using automated tools and alerts. Amazon provides tools like Brand Registry and third-party services that notify you of any unauthorized changes or additions to your listings.

2. Secure Your Amazon Seller Account

Strengthening the security of your Amazon seller account is paramount. Utilize strong, unique passwords, enable two-factor authentication, and regularly update your login credentials. This will help prevent unauthorized access and ensure that only you have control over your listings.

3. Report Violations to Amazon

Amazon takes listing hijacking seriously and provides mechanisms for reporting such incidents. Through the “Report a Violation” tool, you can submit a complaint to Amazon’s Seller Support. Provide as much evidence as possible, such as screenshots and communication records, to support your case.

4. Use Amazon’s Brand Registry Program

Enrolling in Amazon’s Brand Registry program grants you enhanced control over your product listings. It allows you to create a more secure environment for your brand, providing extra protection against to stop amazon listing hijacker.

5. Leverage Amazon’s Transparency Program

The Transparency Program is another powerful tool to combat counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers. It provides unique serial numbers for your products, allowing customers to verify their authenticity. This extra layer of security deters hijackers and builds trust with your customers.


Protecting your Amazon listings hijackers is crucial for maintaining a successful e-commerce business. By implementing these tips, you’ll be better equipped to detect, report, and ultimately remove unauthorized sellers from your listings. Stay vigilant, secure your account, and utilize Amazon’s protective programs to safeguard your brand and boost your sales.


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