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Adding a few basic elements to your garden space will help you quickly create a soothing place in your house. Outdoor living areas are rapidly gaining in popularity; they offer inside comfort with the added benefit of natural air and a beautiful view. With opulent furniture and snuggly cushions, turn your backyard garden into an outdoor living area. You might even think about including a bar or a barbecue area. The end product is a cosy living space that can be used for entertaining or unwinding.

To redesign your garden, you can choose a qualified landscaper or consult a professional gardener in the UAE. Here are a few landscaping ideas that can help create an outdoor space that will have you fall in love with your very own outdoor haven.

  • The following advice will help you achieve serenity in your backyard –

Plants that Help Keep Cool

Some plants in Dubai may become a crispy mess due to the intense sun. Thankfully, some plants have evolved to resist the heat. The Money Plant, which may be cultivated in soil or water-filled bottles, Plumeria, Frangipani, Ficus, and the evergreen shrub Jasmine are among the toughest plants that help maintain a visually appealing landscape.

Artificial Grass

In Dubai, maintaining grass can be challenging, especially during the sweltering summer months. Consider installing artificial grass if you want to conserve water and money, and have a sizable landscape. It’s much simpler to keep up artificial grass. There are numerous landscaping companies in Dubai that can install artificial grass in your garden.


The best option for your gardens in Dubai would be a pergola because they are garden structures that are frequently found in desert regions. An open lattice and cross beams are supported by posts or pillars and form a long, linear structure called a pergola that provides a shaded promenade, corridor, or seating space over a garden route. It may be a standalone building or an addition to a house. Pergolas give room for vines to grow, which in turn shades the structure. Some of the more recent designs cover the cross rafters with lattice to offer dappled shade while yet allowing a lot of sunlight to shine through.

Water Feature

Installing a water feature, such as a waterfall or pond, will enhance your landscape design. Your garden will take on a new dimension and become a tranquil haven with the addition of water. As an alternative, a dribbling fountain produces just a trickle of water—enough to calm the atmosphere—while still respecting water sustainability. The sound of water trickling and bubbling exudes a peaceful atmosphere. The attractiveness of the garden will also be enhanced by water fountains. These water features are available in a variety of sizes that may be customized to meet your needs. Koi ponds, graceful drip-drop fountains, stone cascading fountains, statue water fountains, bubbling fountains, waterfalls etc are a few examples that instantly amp up your space.

Outdoor Relaxation

Making a welcoming space requires selecting outdoor furniture that is aesthetically appealing and comfortable at the same time. Choosing the right furniture will be influenced by the style or theme of the space.

For outdoor dining, arrange the tables and chairs next to a door or window to make moving food and drinks easier. You want to make a comfortable seating area for an external chimney or fireplace. Daybeds and lounge chairs can be used to make a nook if you want to have a leisure space. If you want to make the most of your outdoor space’s appeal, add furnishings, and colorful accents that go with the landscape’s natural materials, such as stone and wood.

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