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Lord Shiva has many other names. Such as the Adiyogi, Rudra, Mahadev, Shambhu, Shankara, etc. There is an interesting story behind the worshipping of Lord Shiva on Monday. 

People in Hindu Dharam worship the lord Shiva on Monday. In the Hindi language, Monday is called Somwar. In Hindu dharma, the meaning of Som is the moon, and the meaning of War is the day. So the meaning of Somwar is the day of the moon. You can read the horoscope for today when starting your week for better predictions.

 There is an exciting story narration between the moon and Shiva. King Daksha adopted twenty-seven daughters. And the moon, aka Chandra, married to all of them. Those twenty-seven daughters are called the nakshatras or the stars. Chandra gives his all attention only to Rohini. When the other daughters saw this, they complained to their father, Daksha. Daksha requested Chandra and gave several warnings not to do any injustice to his daughters. 

But, Chandra didn't give any heed. Then king Daksha cursed his son-in-law. The curse started showing its effects. Chandra slowly starts to lose his glow and starts to shrink. Chandra runs to the Lord Brahma for help. He suggested praying to Lord Shiva. He started worshiping Lord Shiva until he was pleased with his bhakti. Lord Shiva couldn't reverse it properly as the curse already has its effects. Blessed Chandra with the powers to gain its form slowly. 

Lord Shiva helps Chandra from losing his shape. Due to this, he is also called Somnath. It is also believed to worship lord Shiva on Monday to remove all the problems in life. Worshipping Lord Shiva helps in calming the mind and brings good fortune. Always read the horoscope for today to know the positions of nakshatras and predictions in your life.

Sati Devi, along with her sisters and the sages, chanted the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra to save Chandra. That day was Monday which is also celebrated as Maha Shivratri. The Somnath temple is the place where Chandra worshiped Lord Shiva. 

There is also a saying that Lord Shiva married Parvati on the auspicious day of Monday. People doing fast on Monday also has many stories. People keep fast to get relief from any problem in their life. All men and women can do the fast on Monday. Among them is the story of the game ‘Dice' played by Parvati and the lord Shiva. 

Shiva is the transformer of life. To get rid of the negativity in life, worshipping Shiva on Monday will cleanse your body and mind. Praying provides you with inner peace. He protects you from impurities in life—Chant ‘OM Namah Shiva,' for invoking the lord shiva.  

To achieve moksha, one can worship Lord Shiva. You do not need any priest while praying to Lord Shiva. Go to any temple, offer your prayers, chant his name, anything from the heart. Furthermore, for fulfilling your wishes from lord shiva, worship him on Monday.



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