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Although building and pest inspection in Frankston is often the responsibility of the buyer, are you aware of the benefits of caring for this as a seller? Doing this before listing your goods for sale can change things in your favor. Building and pest inspections can reveal all kinds of problems, from mold and water damage, problems with roofs or foundations, leaking pipes or incorrect electricity, and more. Taking care of this, or simply disclosing to potential buyers during a marketing campaign, can make a huge difference in the success of your sales. Here are 5 reasons why you should get building and pest testing in your area before you sell.

  1. It can save you money and give you peace of mind

Let’s assume that your building and pest inspection will come back with ‘everything is clear’. If so, the job only cost you the money you were supposed to pay for the exam. However, you now have the peace of mind to remove the risk of a consumer who may be intimidated by a negative review report after making an acceptable verbal promise. If, however, an inspection of a building with pests is done and there is a problem, you can immediately arrange for it to be resolved according to your terms, rather than immediately responding and fixing it according to the buyer's terms, or the risk of losing a customer altogether.

  1. It can close sales immediately

If the buyer is happy with the property and wants to buy it, closing a contract is the next logical step. Once the building and pest inspection in Frankston has been done and any necessary adjustments have been taken care of, the buyer can proceed quickly and seamlessly. However, if this is a cost you have chosen not to take care of, you may have to pay for it anxiously as you wait for the buyer to be tested, and in fear, you hope there are no problems raised. If there are problems, they can greatly affect the negotiation process, or leave the consumer feeling cheated and it may be better if he or she simply seeks out a problem-free environment.

  1. It can give you a competitive edge

In a competitive real estate market, any little thing you can do to make you stand out from the rest will make a difference. Being able to verify everything in detail in the design and testing of insects not only makes your site more attractive because there is one thing to worry about, it also helps with your profile. By proving that you have solved important problems and can provide an additional local benefit – a clear architectural and pest inspection – marketing your home as a reliable and transparent seller to potential buyers, there is a real estate agent who has not put all their cards on the table, figuratively speaking.

  1. The root causes can be deals

Until you get a building and pest inspection in Frankston, you do not know what problems may be hiding in your area. There may be major problems that may delay your sales while they are being resolved or minor problems that you can fix quickly and economically. All of this can happen in the background, without the consumer worrying, or being given an opportunity to doubt it and use the bad news as a chat chip. The test is done before the site is calculated, meaning that you can deal with anything that appears before, rather than disclosing to the buyer when it is too late and then disconnecting the plug completely from the contract, as long as you think you are in the store. to stretch at home.

  1. Those problems may cost money or worse – the whole auction!

What you do not want when you sell your house is the opportunity for buyers to negotiate a lower price. Of course, the building and pest inspection in Frankston is ultimately the responsibility of the consumer, but choosing the position ‘not my problem’ may be your problem later as a result. If the consumer feels that the test results are important enough, he or she may quickly decide that you want to pay less and your weak hold on that magical sale price starts to slip. The buyer may simply not be able to negotiate a lower price than what the two of you previously agreed upon, it may cost you the sale simply because you were unsuccessful and did not set a time limit to ensure that the item you were selling was in tip-top condition. So if you are preparing to sell, book a review with Rapid Building Inspections today. They will give you a full report and help you sell with confidence.

Be prepared and choose a pre-purchased building and insect testing even if your dream home looks new and in good condition.

Finally, the reasons for building inspections and pest assessments are related to reducing your risk to such an important investment.


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