5 reasons why your business needs good freight forwarding

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Every company needs to act quickly and professionally to grow well in the current era of competition. Companies need to stay competitive and ensure that their goods are shipped professionally and effectively.

Freight forwarding companies in Brisbane transport products, samples, equipment, and commodities worldwide, specializing in getting your goods from point A to point B with a minimum of fuss. The services of a professional freight forwarder include a comprehensive understanding of international customs and rules, along with full knowledge of shipping procedures.

One Global Logistics, global network of air and ocean services provides the support your business needs to grow, thrive, and succeed through our strategic supply chain advice. One Global Logistics works with clients to implement their freight forwarding and supply chain strategies, offering advice, guidance, and encouragement daily throughout the process.

Five reasons why your business needs good freight forwarding in Brisbane

Sample Forwarding

Sellers/buyers had to pay for each sample when requesting samples from suppliers (from the same country). Costs could include shipment fees and sample costs. The suppliers or manufacturers will also definitely try to monetize you as soon as possible if you are new to the business.


Multinational companies will not take advantage of your small packages if you ask them to forward your samples/products. There are issues with them because they usually use their foreign office to handle your shipments, and their allied office may not have the necessary expertise. Usually, they aren't able to switch service providers if there is a problem with one.

Freight forwarding companies in Brisbane will handle all your shipping needs and will take good care of your samples or orders, no matter how small. The whole freight forwarding process is also handled by them, and they are able to provide all the paperwork and administration you need.

Tailored Services

If there are multiple people in charge of your logistics, this task will create a tangle for you. For example, a vendor may require you to pack a sample or product to be sent to a freight forwarding Brisbane service (the individuals are different here) as part of your order.

However, suppose you have a local independent forwarder. In that case, they can help you improve your forwarding operations due to their in-depth knowledge of all the forwarding operations and your needs. Despite their busy schedules, they can understand your daily stresses and provide solutions quickly.


Transporting enormous quantities of goods makes freight forwarding companies in Brisbane’s unit costs much lower. In addition, their low freight charges make them a good option for small companies that don't have large shipments to ship. Let's take a look at the cost of importing goods or samples from the vendor's country to your own:

  • Costs of products or samples
  • Cost of packaging
  • There is nothing worse than paying for every packaging separately when you have samples from different vendors.
  • Cost of forwarding a product/sample
  • Furthermore, if you have to get samples from more than one vendor, it is even worse.

In this case, you are likely to save money if you have a local freight forwarding company in Brisbane Brisbane or one with contacts in the vendors country. This will save you money on shipping and packaging.

Promoting Transparency

Logistics also promotes visibility in addition to faster movement of goods. This means tracking the activity of products in real-time. It means that you can analyze historical data to determine what causes a delay and the root cause. Alternatively, you can also allow your customers to access this information to find out the status of their orders.


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