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Are you looking for ways to make your Browning rifles more accurate at the range? You might consider adding a bipod to tighten your groups. The bipod, used for nearly a century, is an excellent way to stabilize your rifle, whether you are at the range or out in the backcountry hunting. Here is everything you need to know about using a bipod to help increase your accuracy.

Ensure It Is Installed Correctly

Your first job with a bipod is to ensure that it is installed correctly. Bipods are generally installed on a rail, such as Picatinny or keymod, or on a sling swivel stud. The bipod should not be too far forward or back when on a rail. You do not want the bipod to have any slack, which will translate to slack in your shooting. Think of it like your Redfield scopes: it might be installed, but if it is installed incorrectly, it will not do any good in helping increase your accuracy.

Do You Need a Bipod That Can Twist?

Some bipods do not twist around, while others do. When do you need a twisting bipod? If you are hunting, you might consider a twisting bipod. You never know what you will brace your rifle against, so having the option of odd angles is beneficial. However, if you are using a bipod at the range, the twist introduces another variable that can affect your accuracy. Precision target shooting means you will want to keep your bipod as steady as possible.

Go for Softer Dirt

If you put the bipod of your DPMS 308 on a hard surface, you are quickly going to find the recoil is not mitigated. You want to deploy your bipod on softer dirt instead of a hard surface. On a hard surface, the bipod can also slide. Digging holes in the dirt for your bipod is common, increasing your ability to make a rapid follow-up shot.

Trigger Pull and Cheek Weld

As with most precision shooting, trigger pull and cheek weld are important. However, you also have to account for the fact that you will likely be in a slightly different position while putting pressure against the bipod. Keeping a firm cheek weld can be tricky, especially while “loading” the bipod to make sure it does not move when you fire. So, it is definitely something you should practice. Once you have it down, simply work on squeezing the trigger gently.

How Many Rounds Should You Shoot?

If you are going for precision, you should only fire a few shots at a time before letting the barrel cool down. Even with a bipod, the barrel expansion can throw off your accuracy. Keep the rifle on the bipod, keep the bipod in place, and let the barrel cool after five shots and no more than 10 shots.


Finally, if you want to get the most accuracy out of your rifle with a bipod, you will want to handload your ammo. This lets you have finer control over your ammo, tuning it to your specific gun and how it handles. Try a new round you have concocted, set the rifle and bipod down, and get in the trigger time.

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