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8 common interior design mistakes and tips to avoid them

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Getting a home’s interior design is easier said than done. The decor, furnishings play an essential factor in layering a home while improving the overall look and feel of the home. Regardless of the location, style, size, budget and location, our interior designers have realized that there are some common mistakes when it comes to designing homes. Here are some common interior design mistakes.

Painting before buying furniture

Painting your walls before purchasing anything is a common interior design that can be avoided. Most of the time what happens is that the appliance, furniture or décor you buy ends up clashing with the paint color. To avoid that, choose the furniture and fabric first so that you can choose a paint color that will compliment the look of your room. 

Not budgeting before buying

Many people don’t realize how important it is to have a budget before buying while designing a space. It is an investment and one should spend it wisely. The first point is to determine how much money you are comfortable spending on your interior design project. Get the quotes from contractors and calculate the cost of furniture and supplies you need to complete the project. 

Hanging Art

Art can be striking and absolutely stunning. The main mistake that interior designers make is that they select the wrong size. A small artwork can look silly but a big scale art can become the room’s focal point. If you want to put more than one piece, experiment with the placement and scale till you find the right one. 

Placing your artwork high

Placing art pieces in your home is a great way to show off your personality and style. Placement of art is where the houseowners make a big mistake. Placing the art too high or low will create a disturbance in the room. Each piece of art should blend with the furniture. An easy way to avoid this mistake is to place the art eight to ten inches above the furniture. 

Failing to establish a focal point

The focal point provides a center of attraction for the room. It should be a prominent feature that draws attention and makes the eye land somewhere when you enter the room. Features such as a fireplace and a large window are the most common focal points. If the space does not have any prominent features, then you will have to establish one with furniture or artwork. In the absence of an artwork, the largest piece of furniture usually becomes the focal point. A large piece of artwork becomes a great focal point and allows you to express your focal point. 

Pushing furniture up against a wall

Pushing furniture against a wall is the common design mistake to make. Unless you have a really small space pushing all your furniture against the wall can make for an awkward arrangement.  If possible, you should avoid this. Furniture that is placed on the walls of any room does not help in saving space. Mostly, designers suggest centering furniture pieces and bringing items close together. Ensure that the distance between chairs does not exceed 12 feet. You should allow 30 inches of space  for people to move between furniture. 

Having only one light source

Builders generally use the least expensive fixtures and install minimal lighting in the home. This leaves the home dimly lit. In order to make your house well-lit and comfortable, layer your lighting at different levels and intensities. A combination of overhead lights, wall lights and table lamps provide even lighting throughout your home. A well-thought lighting plan will ensure each room has enough light to perform tasks that are usually done in that particular space. 

Hanging curtains too low

Another common interior design mistake is hanging curtains just above the window frame. This makes the window look smaller and blocks natural light if the curtains don’t open wide enough. Hanging curtains below the ceiling and allowing them to extend down the floor will make windows appear larger. House Cleaning Services in Chennai 


The best solution to all these problems is to hire a professional interior decorator in Bangalore. Make sure the professional you hire is experienced and well equipped to tend to all your designing needs. We, at Home Triangle, one of the best home decorators in Bangalore, we know exactly what to do to avoid these mistakes and ensure your home looks unique and beautiful.




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