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A brief history of boxing for girls

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Contact boxing is dangerous, regardless of whether it's for girls or men. It can cause serious head injuries, broken bones, and even muscle tears. Despite this grim reality, there is an increase in female amateur boxers signing on to classes at their local gyms. The UK's figures rose from 70 to 990 per year in just a few short years. While some believe that the sudden increase in interest could be due to single women's independence, others think it may be more likely to do with the inclusion of a female competition at the 2012 Olympic Games Gervonta davis. This is actually an exciting time in women's boxing. It has been struggling for many years to make its mark on the international sporting stage. The first female boxing tournaments have been aired on major channels around the globe. A wide variety of equipment companies has also released equipment specifically for female fighters. As 2012 Olympic Games nears, future boxing stars look forward to becoming the first female Olympic champion. This would be a title that will propel them into stardom.

A quick review of boxing for women

Surprised to discover that female boxing is a tradition dating back to the 1700s. It can be traced back back to London's backstreets, where it was practiced for gambling purposes by a small number of women. Soon after, the sport was banned. However, it wasn't lifted until 1977 when a group representing women's rights complained about sexual equality rights violations. While female boxing was legally permitted by law, organized boxing leagues weren't established until the 1980s in the USA with the birth of the famous boxing sisters Dora Webber (and Cora Webber). Sweden hosted the first all-women's sanctioned match-up. This was due to a well publicized hunger strike that a popular Swedish female fighter called for more funding and better conditions. The other side of the Atlantic, in the USA, a 16-year-old amateur boxer, ‘Dallas Malloy’, decided to fight to remove a law that barred female boxers fighting in public matches. Dallas Malloy, who won this lawsuit, had her first official amateur female bout with Heather Poyner and became the first woman to have a legally recognized title in female boxing.

Future of boxing for girls: Now and in the future

In the 1990's, female boxing took off. The world started to take the sport of boxing for girls seriously and the champions were offered sponsorship by large sporting goods companies. One of the most well-known matches is the 1996 match between Christy Martin & Deirdre Gugarty, which received an unprecedented amount international TV coverage. Another notable fight was the recent headline bout between Muhammad Ali's daughter Laila Ali and Jaqui Frzier. This lasted many heated rounds before Laila won. One of the most recognizable and fully sanctioned matches in women's boxing was the 1999 first man-versus-woman match against Margret Mcgregor or Loi Choi.


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