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Have your headphones become dirty but don’t know how to clean them? This post will teach you the ways to clean your headphones in the right way. 

If you are a regular user of earbuds or headphones, you might have noticed that they become dirty over time. And when you find your headphones or earbuds messy, you want to clean them, but due to lack of knowledge about cleaning, you always postpone cleaning for next time. As a result, they become black due to the accumulation of dirt over time. That is why this headphones and earbuds cleaning guide may be helpful for you.   

Why is cleaning earbuds necessary?

We aren’t forcing you to clean your earbuds or headphones. Here is a solid reason why you should keep them clean. 

According to a study in 2008, dirty earbuds are responsible for transmitting infections. So, if you use shared headphones or share them with someone, the dirty earbuds or headphones may cause an ear infection to the user. For this good reason, you shouldn’t ignore cleaning your headphones. 

Prerequisites to clean headphones

What you need to clean your headphones depends on what type of headphones you have. But remember that the basic cleaning component will always be the same. We recommend you collect tools, including paper towels, toothbrushes, tweezers, hand soap, hydrogen peroxide, gloves, rubbing alcohol, and safety glasses. You may not need all these things but you should collect them as you may realize their need while starting the cleaning process. 

Cleaning on-ear and over-ear headphones

If your headphones allow you to disassemble, you may need to do it while cleaning. You may need to remove the earpads if they are removable. You may also need to extend the headband to clean the headphones properly. 

How to clean large dirt and debris

After you remove the earpads, you can use the toothbrush to clean them properly. Try to approach the large dirt if possible and keep the toothbrush away from headphone drivers. 

After using your toothbrush and cleaning the dirt that can be cleaned using it, you can now clean small bits of dust or hairs. For this task, tweezers will help you. Moreover, if you have taken out all dirt or debris, the time is to disinfect the headphones. 

How to disinfect headphones

Take your cleaned headphones and place them on a towel or paper towel. Use hydrogen cleaning liquid-like hydrogen peroxide and splash it over the headphones. If you want to use rubbing alcohol, you need to use it with caution. Keep headphone drivers away from cleaning liquid. After completing the cleaning process, dry your headphones with a towel.    

Cleaning and disinfecting earbuds

You shouldn’t treat earbuds while cleaning like headphones. Earbuds are small in size and require gentle cleaning with a steady hand. The first step in the cleaning process involves removing the rubber ear tips. The ear tips are small and can be lost easily, so you should keep them in a tiny bag. Before storing them, use Q-Tip and clean them properly and then dry them. Now you can store the ear tips. 

If you don’t have purchased your earbuds yet but want to get a new one, you may find a cleaning kit with your new earbuds as nowadays many manufacturers provide a cleaning tool with earbuds. 

Cleaning and disinfecting true wireless earbuds

True wireless earbuds (AirPods Pro) and regular earbuds share almost the same cleaning process. But remember that you will need to scrub the charging case properly. Apply the same method for cleaning true wireless earbuds as cleaning the regular earbuds. Keep in mind that you have to place the earbuds in the case at the right place.

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