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Wholesale means a selling mode that sells goods in large quantities directly from manufacturers or distributors and resells them to other businesses.Have you ever heard of this new sales model: jewelry wholesale by kilogram? What exactly is it? Why has this model become so popular in the jewelry wholesale market? Who is the leading supplier using this new sales model?

As the Chinese saying goes, “know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat”. That is also to say, a man should know both himself and his counterpart to win each battle. The online e-commerce has opened up new opportunities for enterprises, but at the same time, it has unearthed many challenges. Sticking with it, or swimming upstream?


What should jewelry wholesalers do?

  • Find good jewelry suppliers

Jewelry wholesalers have to change the existing mode and innovate their service content if they want to gain a foothold in the new competition. First of all, jewelry wholesalers should actively communicate with the jewelry suppliers and establish good cooperative relations, like providing market feedback information to manufacturers. Jewelrykg, for example, by adopting a new model of selling by weight, brings great convenience for for jewelry wholesalers and retailers to source jewelry in bulk.

  • Scale

The source of jewelry is very important. For jewelry wholesalers, it is crucial to expand the types of jewelry wholesale, and find high-quality cheap jewelry wholesale suppliers. For example, for small jewelry wholesalers, to get more profits, they can lower the price of their jewelry, which means finding a reliable manufacturer that can sell quality jewelry at a low price, like Jewelrykg. However, for large-scale wholesalers, the variety and quality of products are very important, meanwhile, they need to have their own characteristics. So, the reasonable price increase is also an option to consider. In addition, wholesalers can also use the terminal marketing, such as door-to-door delivery, store packaging and so on.

  • Efficiency

Wholesalers can make full use of the convenience and timeliness brought by the Internet to improve the efficiency of jewelry distribution and information reception, thus reducing the economic losses caused by the lag of jewelry information.

Choosing a good wholesale jewelry partner is the favorable support for the success of the store operation. In the face of a mixed wholesale market, how to judge the quality of a jewelry wholesale brand? I think it’s time you got to know Jewelrykg ,which is a Wholesale jewelry company with office in Los Angeles, CA.

· Offer low minimums per order: no MOQ

· Excellent customer service

· Fast turnarounds times

· Keep new products updated every day to provide you with more choices

· Large variety of styles, designs, shapes and colors

· Over 10 years in the industry

These are the reason why we choose Jewelrykg



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