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Although Bollywood movies have spread the fame of Indian bridal makeup throughout the world, there are still many women who prefer to do their makeup and hairstyling on the big day, instead of hiring professionals. It’s no wonder that they want to do it themselves; after all, why pay someone else to do something you can do yourself? However, with so much hype surrounding Indian bridal makeup, it can be difficult to know where to start looking when it comes to learning how to apply your wedding day cosmetics without making too many mistakes or looking like an over-made up fake.

The History Behind Traditional Indian Wedding Makeup

A brief history of traditional Indian bridal makeup is necessary to understand where modern brides are going wrong with their makeup. The need for a bride to wear makeup dates back to before Hinduism and Buddhism were established religions; historically, it can be traced back to Hindu weddings that took place more than 5,000 years ago! Back then, women would wear saffron-based kajal around their eyes that were supposed to make them look more beautiful. Fast forward 2,200 years later, and a lot has changed – but one thing hasn't: brides are still expected to cover up flaws and accentuate natural beauty with clothing and makeup.

Traditional vs. Modern – Which Is Better?

Traditional bridal makeup styles make women look beautiful, but they’re not practical. So if you’re having a traditional wedding with tons of relatives and friends (and their kids), you might want to opt for more modern styles. Modern bridal makeup looks simpler and less complicated, but it also makes you feel like you can take on anything—whether that means running around all day or just sitting still long enough to have your hair and makeup done. While neither is necessarily better, it might help to keep both in mind when making your final decision about what kind of bridal makeup will work best for your big day.

Does Bridal Beauty Matter?

Getting married is supposed to be one of life's most joyous events, but it can also be stressful. That's especially true for brides and their entourages, who are under a lot of pressure to look picture-perfect on their wedding day. To add to all that pressure, beauty ideals tend to differ across cultures—and that includes India, where what constitutes bride makeup is evolving every year. While makeup still isn't expected at many traditional ceremonies in India, some brides do opt for it—especially if they're Westernized or getting married outside of India.

What Kinds of Mehendi Do Indians Have Nowadays?

The traditional Mehendi (henna) for brides was always a vibrant red color, but now it’s come to light that women are getting black henna tattoos as well. As opposed to its traditional counterpart, black henna is a cosmetic product that can easily be purchased at local beauty supply stores and applied by any stylist or makeup artist. As for choosing between red or black henna for your big day, most couples have said they love mixing it up and getting both done! Are you thinking about having Mehendi on your wedding day? It’s important to research your options first before selecting a design so you don’t end up with an unwanted surprise.

How Long Does An Average Indian Bride Take To Get Ready?

According to statistics, it takes an average Indian bride about 2 hours and 30 minutes to get ready on her wedding day. When you think about that statistic, it's not surprising. There are many different people all working on her to ensure she looks perfect for her groom, family, friends, and guests. With makeup being a big part of today's weddings, add another hour or two into those numbers depending on what type of makeup look she chooses for herself and others assisting with preparing her for that special moment when everyone first sees her as a married woman. A fancy Western-style bridal makeup could take more than three hours to complete while a more traditional makeover might only take 45 minutes at most.

What is The Difference Between Mehndi and Henna?

There are many small differences between Henna and Mehendi. The appearance is one, but the most important is that in South Mumbai, Mehendi is made using a mixture of different natural ingredients like henna, turmeric, and others. These make for a wonderful stain on the skin that looks very rich and elegant. It also lasts much longer than natural henna- not to mention it smells wonderful! So if you are planning an Indian Bridal Makeup in South Mumbai in the future, be sure to make it just as special with mehndi or henna!

Things NOT to do Before a Wedding Day

An Indian bride doesn’t typically wear much makeup on her wedding day. This can be a hard concept for brides outside of India to get. Perhaps it’s their unfamiliarity with traditional cultures and customs, or just a result of their egos speaking up and saying, But I want to look gorgeous on my special day! Whatever your reason, think long and hard before deciding that you need lots of color on your wedding day.



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