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Are you surfing the internet for DXV plumbing? If surely, then by any chance you have clicked the right link. This could be considered as your destination platform. Because here you will get to know about the DXV kitchen services as well as DXV bathroom services. 

Let’s begin!!

About DXV

DXV, a premier collection of luxury bath and kitchen goods that commemorates the Company's remarkable 140-plus-year background by re-imagining the most impactful design ideas during that time, was proudly launched as American Standard Brands completed its fifteenth decade of company.


DXV fixtures and fittings are motivated by great historical concepts and reinterpreted for today's esthetic and functional standards, rather than simply reproducing patterns from each era.


Bath fixture suites and complementing faucet collections, as well as a variety of kitchen sinks and elegant faucets, are included in each of the DXV motions.


The AT Series, a cutting-edge savvy toilet and bidet seat that performs as well as it looks, is part of this luxury series. DXV items are only offered through high-end showrooms in North America. DXV plumbing is one of the good concerns for your bathroom as well as kitchen. 

Complete Your Luxury Kitchen With DXV

DXV deals in all kitchen products, they are providing the mesmerizing stuff of kitchen to give your kitchen an alluring look. Let’s dive into the various DXV equipment.


DXV kitchen fittings

DXV kitchen faucets

DXV plumbing can make your kitchen very beautiful. The focal point of your luxury kitchen decor should be a one-of-a-kind kitchen faucet. A well-equipped kitchen's true jewel is the kitchen faucet. DXV kitchen faucets define premium performance for today's kitchen work spaces, with solid brass build, leak-free functioning, and built-in convenience features. 


Kitchen pot fillers, bar faucets, taps, and kitchen faucets from DXV come in a variety of finishes and styles. Different stylish DXV kitchen faucets are listed below. 


Here it is!!

  • Victorian Bar Faucets
  • Victorian Bridge Kitchen Faucets
  • Victorian Kitchen Faucets With Side Spray
  • Victorian Pull-down Kitchen Faucets
  • Victorian Pull-out Kitchen Faucets
  • Traditional Pot Filler
  • Fresno Bar Faucets
  • Fresno Culinary Kitchen Faucets
  • Fresno Kitchen Faucets
  • Fresno Pull-down kitchen Faucets
  • Fresno Pull-out kitchen Faucets
  • Contemporary Pot Filler


Here is not the end, apart from this, there are some more kitchen sink wall DXV faucets


If you are wishing to buy DXV kitchen faucets, you should keep the undermentioned things in mind before buying faucets. 


Here it is!!


  1. Handles
  2. Spray features
  3. Height
  4. Style
  5. Nuts & Bolts
  6. The extras

Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen ideas aren't complete until the cabinetry, faucet, and sink are chosen. There's no such thing as a minor feature in a luxury kitchen. Kitchen items from DXV add the decorative touch to a well-designed kitchen.

DXV Sinks

The workplace in the kitchen has been redesigned. DXV kitchen sinks have a lot of room and a lot of style. The cooking experience is enhanced by crisp, clean lines and traditional style, which creates a timeless, welcoming image. 


Stainless steel farm sinks are provided from DXV in a variety of finishes and materials. There are six different types of DXV sinks


  • Hillside 20 Inch Apron Kitchen Sink
  • Hillside 24 Inch Apron Kitchen Sink
  • Hillside 30 Inch Apron Kitchen Sink
  • Hillside 30” Apron Kitchen Sink
  • Hillside 33 Inch Apron Kitchen Sink
  • Hillside 36” Apron Kitchen Sink

DXV Bathroom Products

When it comes to bathrooms, DXV has a plethora of varieties of this. Let's have a look at some of them. 


Here they are!!

DXV Modulus

The DXV modulus collection is a stunning display of functional elegance and breathtaking flair that delivers without losing. It provides limitless options and configurations in a variety of stuff and styles. 


All from a single modular and adaptable system, allowing you to create a space as individual as the people who use it. There is a plethora of variety in this, two of them are listed below. 


  • DXV modulus monolith elongated one piece toilet
  •  DXV modulus wall-mounted elongated toilet

DXV Soaking Tubs

 DXV soaking tubs are comfortable, romantic, and decadent, making them the ideal personal refuge. DXV baths take you beyond the jets and the turbulence to a more relaxing and sumptuous experience. 


Each luxury soaking tub in the collection becomes the focal point of the contemporary bathroom spa retreat, with a breathtaking assortment of innovative designs. There are total fifteen types of soaking tubs. 


  • St. George freestanding soaking tub
  • St. George freestanding soaking tub with deck
  • Oak hill freestanding soaking tub
  • Oak hill freestanding soaking tub with feet
  • Belshire freestanding soaking tub
  • Fitzgerald freestanding soaking tub
  • DXV modulus freestanding tub
  • Cossu freestanding soaking tub with deck
  • Equility freestanding soaking tub
  • Equility slim freestanding soaking tub
  • Byrdcliffe soaking tub-left hand drain
  • Byrdcliffe soaking tub-right hand drain
  • DXV aqua moment drop-in airbath with waterfall
  • DXV hawkins bathtub-left drain
  • DXV hawkins bathtub-right drain


Before hiring DXV plumbing for installing a soaking tub, keep the below written things in mind. 


  1. Type & Style
  2. Size of the tub
  3. Depth of bathtub
  4. Tub’s material. 

Shower Faucets

The art of washing is reaching new heights in the shower. Shower faucets by DXV are known for their careful features, graceful lines, and relaxing function. Every luxury shower faucet is made of cast brass. And it comes in a variety of shapes, finishes, and functionality to enhance the bathing experience. 


Showering is an important part of your daily routine. Install a DXV shower faucet in your modern bathroom spa to avoid compromising on design and elegance. 

Bathroom Furniture

Each item of DXV bathroom furniture combines old-world artistry with contemporary sensibility. Each piece is handcrafted from the best solid hardwoods, metals, and hardware, and includes clever characteristics that provide comfort and unrivaled beauty in the bathroom. A DXV luxury washstand will add a touch of class, originality, and opulence to your bathroom.

DXV bathtub and toilet sheet

Bathtub Faucets

DXV elegant bathtub faucets have been carefully and expertly built to mix wonderfully with your soaking tubs, offering a combination of beauty and exquisite function.


Every tub filler is forged in pure brass and polished to excellence, with an elegant design and impeccable function. These one-of-a-kind bathtub fillers come in a variety of quality finishes and patterns that coordinate with DXV design movements.

Bathroom Accessories

Born from the conviction that now every well-fitted form demands a service that is equally lovely. Constructed entirely of solid brass. Customized finishes are available. Even the tiniest detail is given careful consideration. 


Bathroom accessories from DXV are expertly created to match our fixture and faucet ranges. With these luxurious accessory details, you can finish the look of your bathroom. 


Robe hooks, towel bars of various lengths, tissue hooks, and towel loops are among the DXV bath accessories available. Polished chrome, brushed nickel, carbon bronze, and platinum nickel are among the styles available for DXV bathroom accessories.


Our Policy

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In the end, if you are thinking of modernizing your bathroom or kitchen, then you can go with DXV plumbing. And for this, you can visit PlumbTile, since it is one of the best platforms, who deals in DXV and more other brands. 


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