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All the gold jewelry is expensive?

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The amazing buying power for gold jewelry has brought a wonderful opportunity for gold bulk jewelry wholesalers. However, not all the gold jewelry is expensive.

  • Pure gold

Pure gold jewelry shows a golden bright luster. However, for the pure gold (24 karat) is too soft to be used in jewelry, it needs to bee mixed with other metals to give it strength. Therefore, there are different karats for gold bulk jewelry, like 24k, 18k, 14k, 10k and 8k. For example, 14k gold contains 58.3% pure gold and 41.7% other alloys. So, the lower the karat, the less expensive it is.

  • Gold filled

Gold filling is the process of joining a base metal (usually brass) with a layer of gold. Generally speaking, the layer of gold for gold-filled jewelry is thicker than gold plated jewelry.

For example, US standards require the gold layer should account for 5% of the total weight of jewelry. In addition, since the gold is bonded to the base rather than plated, it can not be tarnished easily.

  • Gold vermeil

Gold Vermeil is a thick gold plating on top of 925 sterling silver, so, the gold layer is much thicker.

And different countries have different requirements for gold Vermeil jewelry. For instance, the U.S. standard requires at least 2.5 microns of gold plated on the top of sterling silver. However, other countries, like Canada, requires only 1.0 microns.

  • Gold plating

The gold layer of gold plated jewelry usually only contains 0.05% pure gold or less. The base metal is often brass or copper. So, it can lose its luster very easily.

But gold plated jewelry is well-liked due to its affordability and fashion styles. Therefore, if you just need fashion jewelry for a special occasion or to try a new trend, gold-plated jewelry is a good choice.

gold bulk jewelry

Now that we’ve covered the different qualities of the different types of gold jewelry, it is time to buy! But how to buy fine gold jewelry in bulk with the lowest prices?

The easiest way to find fashion gold bulk jewelry is to find a trusted bulk jewelry supplier who has solid reputation. However, sometimes it is hard to identity the most suitable ones. Therefore, a right procurement model is very essential.

You must be very familiar with the benefits of bulk buying, but have you ever heard of buying jewelry by kilogram? Actually, this is a very cost-effective way of purchasing jewelry in bulk which has been used for a long time, unfortunately, there is no such a large platform to buy jewelry by kilogram.For example,Jewelrykg chooses to sell wholesale jewelry by the kilo is to let every customer can enjoy cheap high quality jewelry pieces without going abroad. Compared with the traditional way of buying in bulk, some bulk jewelry suppliers may accept samples, stock jewelry and foreign trade tail orders from those traditional jewelry manufacturers, and then recycle these products and wholesale them to retailers. Most of time, the quality can not be ensured.Here is the discount identification code:8gg9ukj6 to enjoying!



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