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Most people envision bows, cleansers, and trying to run after their pets when they think of pet grooming. Some people actually believe that animal grooming is unnecessary. Even so, it is an essential part of a pet's overall health and well-being. Pet grooming is important for the whole family as well. You do not want your dirty and smelly pet jumping on your couch or cleaning bedsheets. Grooming is required to maintain your pet safe, fit, and active. This procedure can remove loose fur from the pet's coat as well as pests, mats, and ticks. Some health problems can also be slowed or avoided. Animal Hospital in Oxford, MS is a full-service pet grooming and boarding facility for providing the best care for your furry friend. We offer a variety of services from haircuts, boarding, dental cleanings, etc.

Some Professional Grooming services are explained below:

Keep Your Dog’s Furry Coat clean and Shiny: Is your pet’s coat less than perfect? Mats can cause stitch in the pet's hair that can lead to pain, which is something every owner wish to prevent. Trimming your dog's coat would then make it shine as well. Their nails will be reduced to protect curling and germ invasion. Contact oxford animal care, our skilled and experienced groomers have years of expertise in grooming and caring for the coats of all breeds of dogs.

Skin infections: Prevention of skin issues or illnesses is essential for your animal's health, and your pet groomer will know what to look for. They can identify any common illnesses, new clots, related illnesses, itchy skin, or growths because even the most conscientious owner may overlook them. They may also discover an underlying problem, and the sooner these dangers are discussed, the sooner they can be accepted.

Dental Checkup or Treatment: Is it dental testing or care for your pet's illness? Our specialists will work hard to ensure that your favorites have the best and longest-lasting smiles.

Are you searching for a Grooming Service from a Local Vet in Oxford, MS?

Best Vet in Oxford, MS is the place to raise your pet if you would like to turn to veterinarians in Oxford, MS who are comforting, skilled, and experienced. Click here to learn further about our excellent team and our services!



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