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What is the best colour shade for hair? How to select the correct hair colour for hair? These questions might be lurking in your mind. Don’t worry! We will be addressing all your questions in this article. So, what is hair colour? Why do you need it? Well, hair colour is a choice and there are many shades out there that you can try. But before choosing hair colours you need to undertake certain parameters.

Hair colours elevate your look and breathe life into your dull tresses. You can go for any shade but selecting the correct hair colour is very important. For this, you need to determine your skin tone and undertone. Many people ignore their skin tone and go for colours that look bizarre and weird on them. Therefore, it is important to select colours only after examining your skin tone, undertone, eye colour, and personality.

Don’t worry! It is not that hard! All you need to do is take a few tests at home and determine your skin tone. For instance, look at your veins. If they are green in colour, you have a warm skin tone. Similarly, if you have blue veins, then you have a cool skin tone. If you can’t determine, then you have a neutral skin tone. Knowing your skin tone is the primary part of selecting a perfect hair colour. Once you know your skin tone, you can narrow down a list of colours that will suit your skin.

For instance, with warm skin tones, you can opt for shades like brown, caramel, blonde, honey blonde, etc. Similarly, if you have a cool skin tone, you can opt for shades like blue, red, purple, mahogany, etc. There are a variety of shades for you to choose from. Now that you know how to select a good hair shade, let us have a look at hair colours that look good with highlighted hair.

Best Hair Colours with Highlights

When you go for hair colours, one of the best techniques is highlights. Highlights enhance your natural hair colour and complement your eye colour as well. So, what are highlights? Highlights is a hair colouring technique that dyes your hair a shade lighter or darker based on your natural hair shade. Highlights add brightness to your hair and improve your overall complexion. It also enhances your facial features. Below are the highlighted hair colours for women to try this season. Have a look!

  1. Blue Hair Highlights

Blue is one of the badass colours of the lot. It represents a subtle wash of coolness in your hair. The aqua blue highlights look absolutely gorgeous when they are dominant at the ends and fainter along the lengths. This colour makes a perfect juxtaposition of the feminine and the masculine. If you do not like that much bold shade, you can go for other shades of blue like navy blue, royal blue, sky blue, etc. Blue is a stable colour that makes your hair look perfect. It will give you all the summery feels. Give blue hair colour a shot to add stability to your life!

  1. Blonde Highlights

All you want is glow? Want a perfect blended hair colour? Well, blonde is your answer. It is a soft and warm shade that blends perfectly with your natural black shade. This shade of highlights enhances your complexion and reflects light in your tresses. It gives your hair a sun-kissed look and provides an overall natural look. This shade is a natural face illuminator. Thus, go for blonde highlights because it is a common yet uncommon shade that looks good on every skin tone and undertone.

  1. Honey Blonde Highlights

Another shade of brown in line! If you do not wish to go blonde, then honey blonde is a shade for you. It is one shade darker than the blonde shade. It looks best with people having a fair complexion. The honey blonde hair colour hits a sweet spot between dark and vibrant. You get a shade of blonde without going for a light blonde shade. This shade will not wash out your complexion and you can style it in waves, curls, etc. This hair shade will look best with ladies having medium to long hair. Try out this amazing shade for highlights.

  1. Burgundy Highlights

A shade of red and a shade of brown combine to make burgundy hair colour. Burgundy is a deep and intense shade that adds vibrancy and dynamism to your locks. It is a perfect shade if you want intensity and funky shade all at the same time. Burgundy is an edgy and calm shade that gives you various shades of red and while fading it gives you various shades of brown. Isn’t that amazing? Also, this hair shade gives your hair a tinge of shimmer to enliven your hair and breathe life into its dullness. Thus, for giving your hair a subtle yet funky look, this hair shade is a must-try!

  1. Green Highlights

An unconventional pick to be carried off by a woman who loves experimenting and is not afraid of who she is! This is not a regular colour. It is a colour that blesses your locks with a splash of vibrant green. This hair colour suits best with cool skin tones and if you have dark hair, you need to go for pre-lightening to get this hair colour done. This hair colour gives your hair various shades of green while wearing off. Thus, this green shade is for the daredevils who like experimenting and trying different hair colours every now and then. Try this shade and style it in half bun, waves, etc.

  1. Ombre Highlights

Ombre adds dramatic contrast to your natural hair colour near the roots and at the tips. This is also a warm hair shade that looks amazing with cool hair tones. When in highlighted form, this hair colour enhances your skin tone and makes your overall appearance stunning and gorgeous. Ombre includes two tones of hair colour that blend with your natural hair and look good. Thus, try this hair shade for an alluring look.

  1. Pink Highlights

Another unconventional shade in line! Spice up your plain jane tresses with pink highlights. Take a break from boring shades and add some vibrancy to them with pink highlights. This shade adds dimension and gives a smooth finish to your locks. Pink is not a regular shade. Thus, you will turn heads when you walk into an event. This shade will help you attract the attention of all the people. Thus, try this shade if you like experimenting with your looks.

So, these are the best highlighted colour shades for hair that you can go for. Whether you go for global hair colour or highlights, these shades will look best with you. Also, going for natural hair dyes is extremely important. Go for the five amazing shades by Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair dye. It is a 100% natural dye infused with Reetha, Amla, Aloe Vera, etc., that nourishes your hair and treats its dryness and frizziness. Thus, try out these shades and add subtlety to your locks.                                  


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