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Many companies view their email list as one of their greatest assets. You can connect with your subscribers as soon as you have new valuable information to share.

And you can re-link your emails by sending a “reactivation” or a “reconnect” message that helps you to boost your relationship with passive users.

Reactivation emails can be a great way to get your contacts interested in re-establishing the relationship.

But is email considered social media? It is important to plan, as it's not easy. If it doesn't work, you may end up with more unsubscribes.

There isn't a magic formula that works for everyone, since depends upon many factors.

However, if you experiment with different methods and carefully review the results, you can optimize your list.


Tips to improve your email marketing Reactivation strategy:

The previous text

It is an element that is often overlooked. Consider that most of your users will check their emails from devices that show a brief text summary. A good previous text is key to encouraging them to open up and read more.


Personalization of email

Although it seems obvious, it's not used. Personalization is key to getting results, especially with the “name” field. It will capture attention and not create the impression that you know too much about the recipient.


Review their email preferences

You may sometimes make the mistake to send emails to people that have not signed up for them. It is a good idea to direct them to their email preferences to show them they are in charge and to allow them to remember what they did to sign up.


Include a prominent and visible call to action

Many emails are sent with no clear goal or are mixed up because we are trying to accomplish many things simultaneously, and this is done by sending multiple emails.

You've probably seen this type of email in your inbox. It is best to concentrate on one objective and add a CTA to the message that will take the user to a page with clear, concise, and convincing content.


Surprise them

You can deliver a message of perceived value by offering your inactive contacts a surprise based on past purchases, interests, or preferences. They will be hard-pressed to ignore your email.


Send us useful content

You can help your subscribers by offering them useful content. This will add value to their products or services. They'll be happy to return to you and they'll also feel grateful.


Give a gift

Gifts are hard to resist, but the trick is to give something that will have a positive impact on the recipient.

As the head of your company's marketing or commercial department, you are in a unique position to know your target audience and how to re-engage with your brand. Be creative!


You can show the advantages of being able to relate to you

Even though it's hard to admit, we are only one of many in a huge market. It is important to consider the benefits that your contact will receive from maintaining a good relationship with you.


Invite your guests to an exclusive event

When we offer exclusivity and show people that they matter to us, it makes them feel special. You can show that you value and care about your customers by sending them an email with a survey, or a collaborative action.


Add social sharing buttons

The share buttons are essential if you want to reactivate contacts by sending them a coupon, a special deal, or a valuable piece of content.

It allows them to remember your email address and find it again in the future.

It's difficult to predict the reaction of your customers and leads to emails, even though you've learned a lot over time. But it can persuade most people to open it if the email is worth it.

You can reduce the wear on your database by reactivating many of the most inactive contacts. Contact us at Digital Specialist if you need any more assistance and advice.


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