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Since 1853, almost all of India has been connected by railway lines, with only the remotest regions being left out. Most of the unconnected places are in the mountains, which made the process of integration tough. Many of these regions were connected by trains eventually, and the railway journeys to such destinations have now become tourist attractions. When travellers avail tour packages for India, and want to visit such places, they can consider riding these trains. All through their journey, they will get magnificent views of lush forests, valleys and high mountains in the distance. The trains will ascend, descend and run on flat terrains, and many a times, will pass through tunnels. An India tour package may include journeying on the Kangra Valley line, Kalka-Shimla stretch or the Nilgiri Mountain route, for they are quite famous.

Kangra Valley Line

This line connects Pathankot Junction in the state of Punjab to Joginder Nagar in Himachal Pradesh. While travelling on this section with their Holiday Packages In India, visitors can start their sightseeing even before they reach their destination. There are only two tunnels on the route, so passengers can look at the scenery as much as they want. The trains cover a distance of around 164 km, and touch a maximum altitude of approximately 4230 feet. There are no sharp turns here; hence the riders will not fall into a dizzy.

The absence of blind curves and a great height also means that the chances of motion sickness will be less. In particular, the most amazing stretch of the journey is between Mangwal to Kangra as tourists will travel through the beautiful countryside. As they near Palampur, the massive Dhauladhar Range will start becoming visible. Beyond Palampur, the tracks run parallel to the mountain range, giving travellers sceneries enough to photograph.

Nilgiri Mountain Route

Undertaking these Best Holiday Packages In India will definitely induce a sense of admiration for nature in globetrotters. From a height of approximately 1348 feet above sea level in Coimbatore, tourists keep on climbing till they reach Ooty, which has an altitude of around 7220 feet. This particular section has one of the highest grades of ascent in Asia, making the journey adventurous. This is the reason why the average speed here is only 10 km/h. As the Bhavani River is crossed beyond Coimbatore, a gentle but obvious ascent is experienced. There is almost no drop in altitude till Ooty is reached, and even if there is any, it is negligible. Visitors will pass through thick forests, beautiful tea plantations, and rugged hills, and cross several streams through bridges.

Kalka Shimla Stretch

This is arguably the most scenic, well-known and admired rail journey in the entire country. On the trip, passengers will travel on 664 bridges and through 103 tunnels, which will give them immense joy and thrill. Several bridges are made of bricks, are three storeys high and have round arches. The track connects Kalka, 2152 feet above sea level, to Shimla at a 7220 feet altitude. If such tour packages are availed in the winters, the trips may be even more beautiful as the route at higher altitudes will be covered with snow. As the Trip To India starts, a continuous climb is experienced, for the trains start climbing through the Himalayan foothills. Soon the deciduous trees will be taken over by towering deodars as travellers reach the coniferous zone. The carriages will often pass through small villages, roads and busy markets.

Such Tour Packages For India give globetrotters a wonderful chance to travel to picturesque destinations, on journeys that will be equally mesmerising.


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