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Buddhism is a religion of ancient India. Originating in the region of Bihar this has been propagated across the Indian subcontinent and many other neighboring countries.

Buddhists in Maharashtra are mostly people who have converted from Hinduism to Buddhism. They form a minority group of about 5.5% of the total population of Maharashtra. Buddhist matrimony lagnatharle.com is different from that of traditional Hindu weddings. Marathi Buddhists do not have a big fat marriage like most of the north Indian marriages are conducted. Their marriage rituals are unique and very simple.

Rituals of Buddhist matrimony

The rituals in a Buddhist matrimonial start with a formal engagement ceremony known as Chessian. This engagement takes place at the house of the bride as the groom and his relatives go to her house. There are some Buddhist monks at the house of the bride who keeps reciting the chants of Buddhist prayers.

Boudha matrimony lagnatharle.com as it is called by the regional Buddhist people involves exchanging of gifts from both sides who are getting tied together. This includes exchanging coconuts, betel leaves, flowers, and traditional Marathi sweets.


The Buddhist matrimonial may vary from place to place due to the region being influenced by the majority Hindu population. The Marathi Boudha community is no different from such influence. Even their marriage ceremonies are influenced by Hindu rituals to some extent.

Nowadays these Buddhist communities are also growing out to reach to the people of their community through online mediums. The facility involved with the internet is helping a large number of people find their soulmate online.

Online Buddhist matrimony lagntharle.com are trying to provide this need of the Buddhist community people on the tip of their fingers. Lagnatharle provides families to connect through their platform and find a suitable match for them in the Buddhist community.


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