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Can I Smoke or Vape in a Rental Car?

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Generally, rental companies worldwide run their services smoke-free. However, every country and state have laws and rules regarding smoking and vaping in a rental car. Therefore, you must ask for rental car services if you smoke. In addition, it will result in cleaning expenses adding to your car rental fee.

Although, budget car rental airports generally explain all the company's rules and regulations that you are bound to follow. A small percentage of rentals persist in vaping in rental vehicles, and the results aren't pleasant. This article will help you understand some consequences of smoking in a rental car and how you can prevent yourself from getting cleaning fees.

Do All Rental Car Companies Allow Smoking Or Vaping In Car?

No, not all rental companies allow you to smoke in their car. But they may have some cars designated for the people who smoke or vape. There are several reasons for not allowing customers to smoke in cars.

  1. The smell of smoke won't go away quickly.
  2. They need to deliver the cars to other customers once it is returned.
  3. They need their cars to smell good when customers return them for a good reputation.
  4. It is harmful to the cars and their interior parts.

Is There Any Cleaning Fee For Smoking Or Vaping?

If it is discovered that anyone smoked in the rental car, you will be charged a substantial cleaning cost. Non-smokers generally refuse to rent a car that smells like smoking. Thus, rental car firms must endure tremendous troubles to remove smoky scents. The vehicle will have to be taken off the road to be cleaned and properly sanitized. Therefore, you must never break the rules of the rental services. Otherwise, you would be charged a hefty amount for cleaning fees.

How Do Rental Car Services Know You Vape Or Smoke?

Once you drop off the car at the service, an agent will inspect the car's current condition. Next, the officer or agent analyzes the car for smoking elements or the smell of cigarettes. If they find evidence of smoking or smell of nicotine, they will charge you for cleaning fee.

Although, if you vape, it may not leave a pungent stench in the car like the smoke of cigarettes or cigars. But if there is any rule regarding smoking in the car, traffic police may find the customer for the charge.

Is There Any Easy Way To Eliminate Smoke Smell Before Returning The Car?

Before returning the automobile, think about paying for thorough cleaning to the car cleaning service. It is one of the most manageable steps to take before returning the car. If you deliver the automobile with cigarette smells, the rental car service will charge you more than the actual amount. Many vehicle washers provide internal cleaning services for around $30, with various deodorizing scents. Consider paying for this service because it is far less expensive than the deodorizing fee charged by the car rental business.

How To Eliminate Cleaning Fee From Your Rental Car Fee?

When you have rented a car, you will not take a vehicle that smells like a cigarette. Likewise, when you hire a car, it's good to take a few safeguards to protect yourself against false allegations when you deliver the vehicle.

  1. If the car you receive smells like tobacco or a cigar, you must return them and ask for a replacement of the car.
  2. When you receive the car, first inspect the car externally and internally. Take your time and capture pictures if there are any dents or damages for evidence.
  3. Take another set of shots of the car's outside and inside when you return it. So that you can show the before and after pictures to the agent of the rental car.
  4. Request that the automobile rental representative accompany you on a stroll around the vehicle.
  5. And ask them to sign off the papers/documents in front of you, attesting that you have delivered the car in the same condition as before.




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