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The enormous response in the past few decades has led to various new video game genres. Adventure video is one of those genres that have been innovated recently. To meet the gamers’ demands, Dontnod Entertainment has unleashed their new video game in the market. The game is known as Tell Me Why and it is based upon the adventure genre. The game contains quite a rare storyline alongside objective, and due to this, the game is acquiring a lot of player’s attention. Besides, the gamers nowadays are after various collectible items available in Tell Me Why and in this article, we are going to brief them about one of them; Wood Carving. Below we have provided a proper workaround through which gamers can easily collect Wood Carving collectibles.


Locations of All 13 Wood Carving Collectible

At first, gamers need to know that there are a total number of 13 Wood Carving collectible items in Tell Me Why. All these items are available in three episodes, and till now, only two episodes have been unleashed. The remaining episode is expected to arrive on 10th September, and thus players need to wait to obtain Wood Carvings that are available in it. Here are all the 13 Wood Carving Locations:

Episode 1

There are five Wood Carving available in Episode 1, and here are their locations:

  • Crafty Goblins: Gamers need to go back to the moment where Alyson takes her Goblin while grabbing the keys. In that precise moment, the players will automatically be changed to Tyler and forget about the Goblin. The gamers need to take the Goblin from the desk.
  • Mad Hunter: Players need to revisit when Tyler is beneath the house, and Alyson is willing to locate the Mad Hunter. Now, players need to track the Mad Hunter, but they need to start discovering it in the opposite direction to Alyson.
  • Wise Princess: Gamers require to revive the moment taken in the room of Mary-Ann. Players will find the third Wood Carving on the right-side of her bed.
  • Pious Pelican: The fourth Wood Carving is placed inside the shop, and the gamer needs to find Tessa because only she can unlock it. Once the shop is opened, Tessa will go into her Office. Players need to open the cupboard located in her Office as the Pelican is hidden inside it.
  • Ice King: The fifth and the last Wood carving of Episode one can be obtained by gathering all the memories that have taken place before Eddy. Once players have revived all the memories, then they need to offer Coffee to Eddy. Soon after he finishes his Coffee, Eddy will be told players to visit the Interrogation Room with him. Inside the room, players will get a chance to see a file cabinet (Full of memories) in which they will find Young Alyson striving to see the Ice King.

Episode 2

First, players need to know that they have to unlock Episode 2 to become eligible for accessing it. Like the previous episode, Episode 2 also has five Wood Carving items. Here are their locations:

  • Big Frog: Players will find the first Wood Carving item of Episode 2 beneath the kitchen table and a booth. Gamers can quickly identify it as the individual Wood Carving item is covered in gum.
  • Stalwart Moose: Gamers will find the second Wood Carving item of Episode 2 inside the Police Station. Players need to secretly access the Police Station and then require to visit Eddy’s Office. Gamers will find the Wood Carving item inside the drawer.
  • Mangy Muskrat: Players will find Mangy Muskrat hidden on the backside of the Storage Unit. Gamers need to go to the Storage Unit, where the third Wood Carving item lies beside them.
  • Very Old Beaver: Gamers need to access the graveyard and start finding Eddy’s mother’s grave. On the backside of her grave, players will find the fourth Wood Carving item of Episode 2. Players need to be attentive while visiting the graveyard, as Eddy’s mother’s memory is still available.
  • Moon Hag: Once players have witnessed that the barn’s fire is out, they need to instantly open the loose board through a crowbar. Once they have succeeded in opening the loose board, then they need to start finding Moon Hag inside it.

Episode 3

We have already discussed above that episode 3 of Tell me Why is on arrival and will reach its destination by 10th September. Thus, players need to wait to obtain the remaining three Wood Carving items. Here are their locations:

  • Secret Keeper: The first Wood Carving item of this episode requires the players to steal a coin from Alyson’s wallet. The wallet is lying on the sofa, orientated in the living room. Afterward, players need to access Eddy’s room and are required to open the shelf on the left side. Gamers can open the box located inside the shelf through the stolen coin to unleash Secret Keeper.
  • Old Bear: The second Wood Carving of Episode 3 is available inside the apartment of Sam. Gamers need to open the drawer in his room, and the Old bear is located inside it.
  • Gold Lady: The last and the final Wood Carving item of this game is available inside the safe. However, this safe can only be opened by solving the left puzzle. Thus, gamers need to solve the left puzzle if they want to obtain the Gold lady, aka the final wood carving item.


Wood Carving items are one of the most significant collectibles in Tell Me Why. Gamers can instantly increase their level in this game if they obtained all thirteen Wood Carving items. However, the game is relatively fresh, and it would be challenging for the gamers to accomplish this kind of intricate task in their first attempt. Thus, we advise all the gamers who want to obtain all the thirteen Wood Carving items in Tell Me Why and must assist this article.

Gamers can play Tell Me Why on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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