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  1. News
Like every other wellness tracker available today, the Amazon Halo also has sensors. Plus, has the programming to follow your pulse rate. And it can even break down your general movement levels. There is a Halo membership plan that gives admittance to guided exercises. Along with preparing plans, and improved wellbeing measurements like what Fitbit […]
  1. Data Science
 A new study has found frightening details about AI. A prognostication made by Microsoft executives and Elon Musk might come true now. As it turns out, AI tech can outsmart cybersecurity experts with proxy data reports and other modes of misinformation. Yes, you had heard that right. AI is now capable enough to perform deception. […]
  1. Biotech
There were lingering doubts. Some space experts had posed questions regarding risks about the fertility occurring in deep space. However, “space cabs,” who were born after the sperm of the mouse was stored on the International Space Station for six years, have massively aided in clearing up these doubts. There was a notion among many […]
  1. Entertainment
Christopher Nolan’s projects are known for their metaphysical and epistemological themes exploring the construction of time, human morality, and the malleable nature of personality identity and memory. The science fiction movies like Interstellar and Inception offer a unique approach to the time travel genre. However, the question arises about how accurate the scientific facts are […]
  1. Entertainment
Horror is a subjective genre in the cinematic world. Some people like cosmic horror and some might like gothic horror. Either way, the horror genre continues to frighten us with ghosts, witches, and werewolves. Among them, the slasher is a classic genre that competes with every type of movie horror, and it is still relevant […]
  1. Entertainment
Nana might appear like any other sweet and innocent teenager, but it would be a mistake to underestimate her. She has successfully eliminated her superpowered classmates with little effort. But most of her victims have been overconfident teenagers with superpowers who underestimated Nana’s abilities. It would be a different story if she were to face […]
  1. Entertainment
Recently, a fan-created the artwork of Leonardo DiCaprio as the Sensational Spider-Man in the upcoming movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Sam Raimi’s upcoming superhero movie is based on the character of  Marvel Comics, Doctor Strange. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and Marvel Studios produced the film. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of […]
  1. Entertainment
There is no doubt that HomePod and HomePod Mini is a convenient and smart speaker provided by Apple to fill your room with high quality and excellent sound. It works as a smart home speaker and can be easily used with Siri Virtual Assistant. You can receive calls right from your iPhone and perform several […]
  1. Education
YouTube is the second largest search engine where the competition is getting even more challenging for YouTube creators. Though YouTube creators leave no stone unturned in creating good-quality content, yet they get a few views. Some YouTube channels have not good-quality content, but they easily reach thousands of views. If you are not getting a […]
  1. Education
Previously, transferring gaming data was a painful task for the users because, back then, they had to redownload the entire data onto their gaming consoles. Now we have the latest update of Nintendo Switch 10.0.0 that enables the user to quickly and conveniently transfer all the important games between internal storage and microSD card, whether […]
  1. Entertainment
In her recent live chat, the iconic American singer has said that she used to pretend to be actress Zooey Deschanel to get into clubs. The legendary female singer has finally fessed a fact. The pop-culture singing sensation recently joined actress Zooey Deschanel for a live chat on Instagram on Monday and has said that […]


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