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The horror genre is unbeatable, and no matter how or what form of entertainment we pursue, the horror genre stays there like a mannequin of utter consternation. The year 2020 gave us a taste of our own medicine, and while human life stagnated throughout the world, the cinema industry conspired to bring something unique to the table. Selected from a host of movies and TV shows, here are the five best horror TV shows Of 2020 that you need to watch right now.

Reality Z

Confined in the same zone as the COVID-19 quarantine, Reality Z follows the story of a recent zombie attack in Rio de Janeiro. During the shooting of the reality show Olympus, the characters along with the shooting crew find out the city has been devoured by the zombies, and to survive the apocalypse, TK, Cleide, Marcos, Augusto, Veronica, Madonna, and Jessica must remain indoors and collect food supplies while fighting with the dead.


Ares is a Netherlandian TV series, and the plot revolves around Rosa Steenwijk, who unknowingly joins a secret student society in her college. The plot unfolds in the second half of the show when Rosa finds out the reality behind the secret student society. The show has some mature scenes, and it is not recommended for young viewers as the show contains graphic violence, self-harm, a religious cult, and mental & physical torture scenes.

The Haunting Of Bly Manor

Created by Mike Flanagan, The Haunting Of Bly Manor follows the story of Henry and his orphaned niece and nephew. In the series, Henry hires a young-looking American lady to look after the kids. Dani Clayton, played by Victoria Pedretti, takes the job of their nanny, and, as she starts living with the kids, Dani experiences non-human activities in the house. As the story moves forward, she encounters a sinister entity in the Bly Manor mansion.

Truth Seekers

A new horror-comedy that might creep you with its haunting imagery and jump scares scenes comes from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s new movie called Truth Seekers. The plot revolves around part-time paranormal experts who hunt down ghosts using their DIY equipment. As the team approaches new clients for work, they found out this job is not as simple as they thought it to be. Although the movie follows a comedy structure and even the cast includes some comedic actors, fans can expect some gruesome and bloody scenes that will leave a mark on your souls.


Technically speaking, Netflix’s Dark is more about science fiction than horror but considering its themes and the subjective nature of the word ‘horror,’ Dark is a psychological horror experience about time travel in a small fiction town of Winden, Germany. The series is a must-watch for all the cosmic horror fans as there are just so many things that Dark touches with every passing episode. From the universe, family tree, unsetting mind trips, time travel, and pathological lying, Dark is the perfection of modern-day storytelling.


Horror is a genre that engages its viewers with full concentration and focus. Unlike other movie genres, which are more successful, horror is the most experimental one because there are so many things, phobias, stories, and events that induce fear and anxiety in human beings. In the literary arts, J. A. Cuddon defined horror as “a piece of fiction in prose of variable length… which shocks or even frightens the reader, or perhaps induces a feeling of repulsion or loathing.” Horror is not related to ghosts or spirits alone. Sporadically, modern cinema has proved its worth by experimenting with the fear with different subgenres like body horror, gothic horror, slasher horror, folk horror, and more that continues to frighten us every now and then.

Source: The Top 5 Best Horror TV Shows Of 2020


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