Music is one of the most important parts for students of this generation. Students love to listen to music, but school organizations don’t like that. That’s why they tend to block all kind of music and other entertainment websites. That means you won’t be able to listen to songs when you are using your school’s computer network or Wi-Fi. Due to the same reason, students started searching for the best free unblocked music sites so that they could listen to their favorite songs in the school without going through the pain of the restriction message.

I being a student know the pain of not availability of music in the school. Thus I decided to write this article where I will be sharing some of the best unblocked music websites for school and colleges. Remember that these sites are not going to replace any premium network like Spotify or apple music. These are free music sites which are only good as an alternative to premium music services.

Best Free Unblocked Music Sites

Best Free Unblocked Music Sites 2020 to Listen Music Online At School, College, and Office

The unblocked music websites that I am going to list down are free music streaming network and has a reputation of being unblocked in most of the educational institute and other workplaces.

These free music unblocked websites are also very easy to navigate due to their simple web interface. Anyone can easily navigate and find his/her favorite songs with little to no effort.

Pro Tip

Have you ever given your thought as to why music/song sites are blocked at school, college and offices? This is to make sure that students or employees are using the internet for what they need and not on entertainment like movies and music. To do this, they mostly use firewalls. By installing a firewall, a network manager can block most of the “unnecessary” websites directly. Depending on the setting you can still be able to access many websites and again if your network manager is using a strong firewall setting, then you might not be even able to access any of the music sites mentioned down below. The best way to get around any strong firewall is a good VPN.

There are many VPN providers that you can use to listen to music, watch videos and movies from any restricted area. But the one we use and suggest is Nord VPN. Nord VPN is one of the best VPN service providers which is not so expensive. You can buy Nord VPN subscription with as low as $3.71 per month.

>> Unblock your online freedom with NordVPN

For the free option, you can consider using Tunnel Bear which provides free 500MB bandwidth each month.

The below are my favorite free unblocked music listening sites which I found not blocked in my school as well as few other schools.

1. Scratch

Scratch is the best unblocked music streaming site for school students. I recently stumbled upon this website and seems like this site is unblocked in most of the school. Using Scratch, you can stream thousands of songs for free from your school internet. Scratch is a platform developed by good folks at MIT to let students create and share interactive games and animations. As this tool is developed by MIT to make students learn how to be creative with their skill, many schools officially allow students to use Scratch. The chances of this site getting blocked are very thin. Want to know how Scratch work? Check the video I’ve added below.

Many students across the world have shared millions of project on Scratch and many of them are popular songs. You can find almost all kind of songs to listen and for free on Scratch. I’d be happy to see if you start using Scratch not just as unblocked music site but also as a place to challenge your creativity.

2. HulkShare

HulkShare is a music social network which is seeing some huge growth in recent time. You can search and find almost all songs of your choice by just entering songs name, album name or artist name. Being a social site, most of the songs are uploaded/shared by users like you and me, and you can find almost all kind of songs here. Apart from that the homepage of this amazing unblocked music site has lists of top songs of the week, trending songs and latest songs so that you don’t miss with what is new and trending in the world of songs. This site is available for free for anyone who is interested in listening to latest songs for free. You can also create an account on Hulkshare to connect with other musician and music lovers.

3. Grooveshark

Grooveshark is one of the most popular free music streaming in the world which is serving free music to anyone and everyone. Grooveshark has a long reputation of being unblocked in most of the school and institutes. So, if you try to access this website from your school computer or Wi-Fi, you will not face any restriction or blocked message. Apart from being one of the most popular unblocked music sites at school, Grooveshark is also among the top free music sites with huge music database. You can search and listen to almost all kind of songs. Grooveshark also offers an option to create playlists out of your favorite songs; you can even store that playlist for later listening.


4. LiveXLive

LiveXLive is an online radio streaming network with more than 200 stations to choose from. It gives users the ability to stream unlimited songs in all different genres, popular artists, and albums. You can join any station of your choice and listen to songs for free. No account needed. Every song, album, and artist have a short bio area where you can learn more about that particular song, album or artist. As with other sites in this article, you can search for any song by entering keywords like your songs name, artist name, album or genre. Please do check out this amazing online songs websites and you will know that this one among the best free unblocked music at school.


5. Tune In

Tune IN is another online music streaming unblocked platform for anyone to listen to songs for free. TuneIn is not your regular music streaming site; it is rather an online radio streaming station. By using this streaming service, you can stream radio stations from any part of the world. You can ‘Tune In’ to your local radio station or listen to international songs from stations halfway across the world. With TuneIn, you have the freedom to get connected to countless radio stations from anywhere in the world.

TuneIn Online Unblocked music streaming

For the most part, TuneIn is free, but if you want to get the most out of the service, then you can check out their premium subscription. With a premium subscription, you can unlock the vast library of songs as well as you get the access to live NBA, NFL and ad-free news all at the same place. TuneIn also has app for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows so you can listen to those sweet unrestricted songs at school from any device you like.

6. PureVolume

PureVolume is another popular free music platform which is not blocked in many schools. Here you can listen to unlimited music online for free. PureVolume has a huge collection of music from all known and unknown genre and artist. You can also search music by category, genres, artist, songs name and album name which makes it easy for us to search and find any song. PureVolume allows users to create an account and uploads songs of their own to share with the world. If you are into music creation, you can upload your songs or creations here to share with the world. With keeping all in mind there is no doubt that PureVolume is a useful unblocked music website. You have to try this site yourself to believe me.


7. Clearlydrunk

This is by far my favorite site when it comes to unblocked music. This is not a music site on its own; rather it is a proxy site which is specially designed for music. So, what this site does is that it allows users to access music sites by using its inbuilt proxy server. Clearlydrunk proxy is one of the fastest in bandwidth, and we all know how important bandwidth is when it comes to music streaming or any other online streaming for that matter. Clearlydrunk, if used with the free unblocked music sites listed in this article, can do wonders.

8. BlueBeat

BlueBeat is probably the best unblocked music solution for those who love to listen to high-quality music. BlueBeat has a decent collection of songs in all sort of genre which you can access for free. BlueBeat is also acting as a community for music where you can follow other peoples playlist, or you can create your own. You can find all the popular songs and albums on the homepage itself. By far the best feature of this site is its 3D (three dimensions) songs. You can listen to and enjoy a huge collection of 3d songs for free. However, you have to create an account with BlueBeat to enjoy few of the above mentioned features.


9. Soundzabound

You can not write an article about free unblocked music websites and not mention Soundzabound. This is one of the best music sites which is not blocked in school and college. Soundzabound houses a huge number of royalty free music and songs to be used in school projects or PowerPoint presentations. You can search songs by genres, artist, album and release year. You can also download tracks from Soundxabound which makes it one of the few that is actually an unblocked music download platform. Free unlocked music sites

10. PlaylistSound

PlaylistSound is another popular site for unblocked music streaming. WIth PlaylistSound you can stream unlimited high-quality songs for free, and the music collection is also a plus point here. You get to stream all latest as well as old popular songs for free in its built-in audio player without creating an account. PlaylistSound has its own advanced search option which makes it easier to search and find songs.

playlistsound com free music unblocked download

11. Jamendo

Jamendo is another unblocked music player online website that has millions of songs in the database. By accessing this site, you are getting to stream millions of songs in all possible different language and genre for free. Jamendo found not blocked in many school and college which makes it the best platform for students to listen to music from school computer. Creating an account here is optional, but you do get few extra perks as a member. Some perks for registered users include creating playlists, uploading own songs and sharing with other users. This is definitely a website you should give a try. best unblocked music streaming

12. Pandora

Pandora is currently only available in the USA, but it is highly unlikely to find this website blocked in your school. Pandora is basically an online radio station where you can create your own station or can join any pre-made stations depending on your taste in music. Pandora has thousands of licensed songs in the database which you can find by songs name, album, and artist name. Pandora has a simple and straightforward design with a single search box on the homepage.

These are all the unblocked music sites I could find. Using these sites you can listen to songs for free at school, college and other places unblocked. Similarly, if you want to watch anime, then we have an article where we have shared some awesome unblocked anime sites.

Ways to Unblock Blocked Music Websites in School

Sometimes school and colleges use a firewall to block sites that include keywords like “music,” “video,” “movie” in order to keep students from wasting their time on those sites. Thus, if we try to access any music related sites from a school computer or school Wi-Fi, we face blocked message. In that situation, unblocked music sites can’t help much to bypass the restriction imposed by your school or college. But, don’t worry, there are still few ways you can follow to unblock music sites or any other site for that matter for free. Here I am listing all the possible ways to unblock blocked websites at school.

1. Unblock by Using Proxy Sites

This is the obvious method to access any blocked website. There are thousands of proxy sites available where you can access any blocked websites including unblocked music sites for free. You just have to Google about proxy sites, and you will get hundreds of proxy related sites. With Proxy, you can easily access streaming portals and listen to songs without getting caught. Security is the main concern when it comes to public proxies. Always use popular proxy servers like HMA or use private proxies if you can afford.

2. Access Music Streaming With Google Translate

The way most of the school firewall work is very straightforward. They mostly block keywords like “music,” “movies,” “videos.” So, by using Google Translate you can translate the whole music webpage into some other language which will confuse the firewall, and you can access music without any problem.

3. Unblocked Music Google Sites

I am sure Google is not blocked in your school, so, why not take advantage of that? There is a big number of people who have created music sites using Google subdomain. Which in turn gives you the freedom to listen to unblocked songs without any problem. You just have to search for Unblocked music google sites on Google to get a list of all Google music unblocked sites.

4. Using VPN

Virtual Private Network or VPN is another solution for blocked websites. VPN is more secure and faster than proxy servers. There are both free and paid VPN available and depending on your needs, you can choose either of them. I personally suggest everyone to use paid and trusted VPN services because they are fast and comes with unlimited bandwidth (both of them are essential for streaming services) along with the secure connection between you and your ISP.

There are many VPN service providers to choose from. I personally use and suggest NordVPN for streaming. Other popular VPN service providers are Express VPN, IPVanish VPN, CyberGhost VPN and Pure VPN. No matter which one use, make sure your VPN has following features:

>> Get your online freedom with NordVPN

Multiple server locationsUnlimited bandwidth with no throttling.Annyonomous browsing with no logging policy.Integrated kill switch. Support for Mobile, computer, and router.Reasonable price.


Listening free unblocked music at school was a huge task, but now that you know about best free unblocked music sites, that shouldn’t be a problem. We have given you enough information about these individual sites to make it easier for you to decide which you think will be best for you. We have also given you few tricks/ways to bypass the restriction your school has imposed in case none of the above-mentioned sites worked. We love to hear from you, which one do you think is best for you and why. We always appreciate our readers who take the extra pain to share the articles with other peoples.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you make any purchases through them, we get a small commission which helps us in maintaining and supporting this site.

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