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Does your computer take a long time to boot? If It is so, the tips here will decrease your computer boot time so that your computer doesn’t take long to shut down or start up. There are many reasons that may affect your computer performance. All the reasons have been listed below, in addition to these reasons, some useful tips have also been mentioned so that your computer doesn’t take much time to boot.

Upgrade Your RAM

If your computer takes 10 seconds or longer to boot, RAM on your computer may be the reason for this. If your PC has less than 2GB RAM, you are likely to face this type of problem. You should increase RAM up to 4GB as it may level up your computer’s performance and can help it run smoothly. If you don’t know about the status of RAM on your computer, you can go to “Properties” and click to review the “System memory”. If you think that your RAM is not enough, you can think of upgrading it. If you want your computer to perform all the tasks smoothly, you can increase RAM on your computer.

Disconnect the devices that are not in use.

This may be another reason for the slow performance of your computer. If you have connected some hardware tools to your computer, you should disconnect them when they are not in use as the hardware tools get power supply from your CPU and thus keep your system memory busy. A computer is just like a human mind, it can’t focus on multiple tasks at the same time, so it’s important that you disconnect all the hardware tools that are not in use. The performance of a computer is usually affected when multiple connections are established via USB cable.

Delete temporary files

If your computer performance is not as it once was, this may be caused by temporary files on your computer. Temporary files are the files that are automatically generated by any program running on your PC. These files are similar to cache files. Just as you delete cache files from your Android device in order to give it faster speed, in the same way, you can delete temporary files from your computer in order to make it run smoother and faster. As soon as you delete all the temporary files on your computer, all the temporary files will be collected in the recycle bin. The final step you have to take is to delete all the temporary files from the recycle bin. This may reduce boot time and speed up your computer performance.

Keep your anti-virus software up to date

Using a computer without anti-virus software is just like taking a risk. If you ever go online, you are more likely to face risk. Your computer may be affected by malware and virus. If you want to keep your computer safe and in excellent condition, you should use good antivirus software.

Speed up your computer

If you want to speed up your computer performance, you can use Iolo Mechanic Pro in order to boost your computer speed. Iolo Mechanic Pro analyses the issues on your computer and eliminates them. It analyses the performance of your computer and helps it run smoothly. The great thing to say about this software is, it offers the feature to defragment the hard drive so that your computer can work faster than before.

If your computer ever faces a delay in starting up or shutting down, you can try the tips mentioned above, these tips will surely make your computer run smoothly.

source: Best Tips to Decrease Computer Boot Time

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