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The Call of Duty franchise started its November month with a big blast. They gave their fans what they have been waiting for so long. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War jam the whole week and brought a new multiplayer experience for their fans. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer mode is pretty impressive. By looking at the multiplayer Meta, one thing is simply clear that developers have made a lot of changes with the weapons.

Indeed, plenty of powerful weapons are available, but most players are slightly confused after seeing some unexpected weapons in the top tier list. Usually, AR weapons are ranked in the top tier, but in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, you’ll find some SMGs in the list too. But as per the view of a developer, it is quite necessary to make these changes.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is completely live, and fans have already started checking the weapon powers. However, things with experienced players are quite different, and they are not surprised by the changes that developers have made. Many weapons are listed in the top-ranked weapons, but even the nerfed weapons are pretty strong. So the first season of multiplayer is live, and players should know the strongest and weakest weapon for meta.


The S-Tier weapons are reliable in almost every way. Weapons in this tier are the most powerful weapons. Since the launch, these weapons have been available in the game so that you won’t see any unexpected weapons here.


The first safest weapon of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is MP5. The great thing about MP5 is that players can use it in every condition. It always deals with the same damage in every range. 

M16, Krig 6, AUG

The M16, Krig 6, and AUG all these weapons have significantly less recoil value that helps the players to set accurate aim. All these weapons possess incredible damage capability. By using any of these weapons, players can easily kill their enemy in a few right hits.

Pelington 703, LW3 – Tundra

Both Pelington 703 and LW3 – Tundra are perfect for sniping. They deal extreme damage on enemies and have the potential to eliminate their enemy in just one hit.

Luckily, most Call of Duty fans are familiar with S-tier weapons, especially M16/AUG and Pelington/Tundra. These weapons share quite similar attachments, and their stats are also pretty similar to each other. All these four weapons are perfect for tactical and sniping. The major difference players will find in SMG and AR weapons, and the Krig 6 and MP5 are currently the best game of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.


The A-Tier category of weapons also provides great help in battle. However, they are not as good as S-Tier weapons. Several weapons in this category are considered as best weapons, so take a look.

XM4 and AK47

Both XM4 and AK47 are powerful assault rifles. However, there’s a minor disadvantage in both of these weapons. To get the best results from XM4, you need to attach certain attachments. Once you modify it with the right build, its accuracy and damage will reach similar to Krig 6. On the other hand, the AK47 is also a powerful weapon, but the only drawback is its heavy recoil.

AK-74u and Bullfrog

These SMGs category of weapons are robust and have a bright future in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Almost every player of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War loves both of these weapons. Players who don’t prefer to play with MP5 surely try one of these weapons.

Milano 821 and FEAR 1

Both FEAR 1 and Milano 821 are placed in A-Tier’s below slot because of their slow firing rate. Despite having a slow firing rate, some players still prefer to use them because of their high damage value. Using these weapons in close and medium encounters can eliminate the enemies pretty quickly.


The B-Tier weapons are neither considered as best or worst. All weapons of B-Tier provide decent help in the battle, but they can’t lead the player to the top. In this tier category, you’ll find lots of LMGs. LMG category weapons are good for completing objectives, but they’re usually weak. LMG weapons are slow in reload, have high recoil value, and weak from many SMGs.

The DMR 14 is categorized in B-Tier because of its average damage and stats. You can’t consider it a horrible weapon because it is better than many AR and SMGs. DMR 14 is not an ideal option, but players can rely on it according to the situation. On the other hand, the third sniper of the game M82 is nothing different from DMR 14. It has similar damage input and firing rate, but the recoil is worse.


Players barely use C-Tier weapons because they serve nothing special in multiplayer matches. The weapon M79 and RPG-7 from C-Tier are good for dealing against ground enemies, but never expect much from these two. The QBZ-83 assault rifle is also not a good option for the multiplayer battle because of its high recoil. 


The weapons of D-Tier are good for nothing. Players who just want to have fun can try D-Tier weapons, but never a reliable option for ranking up. The first weapon of the D-Tier category is the KSP-45. It’s a burst-fire SMG that has an extremely poor damage rate.

Another weapon from D-Tier is Type 63. This could be a great tactical rifle, but it’s high recoil and low firing rate makes it completely useless.


Even though Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is a new game, the number of weapons in the game are nowhere short for anyone. Most of the weapons are currently listed on lower tiers, but probably those weapons will be improved after the update.

Source: Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – All Weapons Tier List

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