If you look back to 5 years from now you will get surprised that the business has drastically changed. At that time, businesses had not adopted social media. After the integration of social media and consumerism, many businesses took exponential growth. At the same time, many businesses have disappeared from the market who hadn’t adopted the changes. 

In fact, technology has brought a revolution to the business world. It is very hard to say, how businesses will be in the next five years. Because technology is moving so rapidly that anything can be possible within one year. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, 3D printing, IoT, and others are just taking businesses on a supersonic jet. 

Mobile Solution

Today it is possible to operate most of the business activities through a smart device like a mobile, or a tablet, or laptop. You just need the software that can perform all your business activities. You can do digital marketing, content marketing, sales campaign, make deals, sign a contract, make payments, etc. 

On the other side, your consumers are also able to buy products, take a service, promote your products, and many more. So, one of the biggest advantages of the technology is that you can remotely operate most of your business. 

Better Consumer Segmentation 

Using analytics businesses can segment their consumers to small targeted groups based on their needs and demand. Analytics is a great tool that also helps you to provide the performance data of your product and services. 

In addition, it provides you data of your customers with geographic location with specific needs. This helps businesses to deliver better service according to the demands of different customers. 

Improved Scalability

Technology helped many businesses to scale up their operation. Small businesses can be easily scalable through technology. Because it provides a robust system to plan, control, and grow your business. Networking is a primary requirement for scaling up a business. Social media helps in building a good network. 

Better Financial System

Finance is the most important part of any business. Digital payment system (mobile banking, UPI payments, Net banking, etc.) has a great advantage in financial transactions. It helps small-mid-sized businesses to settle their payments. 


Whereas some big corporations are now making their payments through digital currencies. Digital currencies can be transferred very fast without any third party. Bitcoin, Ether, BNC coin are some of the most used digital currencies. Many investors also invest in these currencies as these currencies can be traded. If you want to know more about bitcoin read here: properties of cryptocurrencies.

Low Investment in Business

Due to technological advancement, you can start a business with a very low investment. Earlier, marketing was very expensive and you have to pay a high price for marketing. Digital marketing has made it affordable for marketing its products easily at a very low cost. On top of that, if you know social media marketing you can save a lot of money from your marketing budget. 

Better Connectivity

Networking is a key factor in business. Technology helped businesses to connect with their customers easily and effectively. Connecting with coworkers, customers, employees, has become super easy. You can send text, emails, images, videos using your mobile to anyone within seconds. You can conduct online training programs through webinars, send official documents, etc. 


Finally, we reach at the conclusion that technology has a great advantage in business growth. Businesses that don’t adapt to technological changes will stay behind. On the other hand, businesses that adopt the technologies will survive and grow in the market. If you are running a business then make sure you adopt the new trends in technology to provide a better solution to your customers. Hopefully, the article has helped you to understand the impact of technology on businesses. Share your opinion in the comment section.

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