Sensory pupils. If you rely too heavily on feelings, you may be inclined to know what you are familiar with and focus on facts instead of innovating and adapting to new situations.

Intuitive learners. If you rely too much on intuition, you can skip some very important details that will lead to bad decisions. Train yourself to learn the facts and memorize information that will help you protect and defend your point of view. Perhaps you should stop a little and think before you act spontaneously.

Visual students. If you concentrate more on graphic information than on words, then you put yourself at a disadvantage because verbal and written information is still dominant in learning. Teach yourself to always take notes, thinking about something, and also to explain something with words.

Verbal students. Hearing and reading information is useful, but you need to learn how to get it from diagrams, sketches and diagrams – in these cases the picture becomes clear and a quick understanding of the situation comes.

Active students. If you often do first and then think, then you usually make hasty decisions, and also make unfounded judgments. You need to learn patience – as soon as the information you have received, carefully study it from all sides. If you participate in the discussion, listen to the interlocutor before you say anything.

Reflective students. If you think too much, then there is a chance that you will not do anything. Thinking is good, but there comes a time when you need to act. Ideally, you should implement any information that you will learn about. Do not put it off until later, because in the end you will not do anything. Try to write more, it will help to organize your thoughts. You can find the best site to train your writing skills here. Good luck!

Consistent students. When you break a large chunk of a problem or information into smaller components, you often manage to find a good solution. However, this does not always work. Force yourself to stop and think about why you are doing what you are doing and how it serves the main purpose. Ask yourself how your actions will help you in the long run. If you cannot find practical application for what you are doing, then you need to look at the big picture, not the individual components.

Global learners. If you grasp and understand the big picture for you is not a problem, it can lead to big problems. You can see what needs to be done, but you cannot find the best way to do this. If you cannot explain what you are doing and why, then you are missing critical details.

When you want to teach someone, first of all pay attention to the opposite styles of the same dimension. If you understand that your student loves a global learning style, and you prefer a consistent one, then it’s you who need to adjust. Remember that what is important is not what you said, but how it was perceived.

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