Why should Norway be your next travel destination

In the midst of the outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic exploring new countries may not be easy.

However, hopeful as we are, we invite you to start planning your next trip early and discover why Norway might just be the place you would want to think at the earliest convenience.

9 reasons to start planning your visit to Norway

It is our firm belief that Norway has a lot to offer, regardless of what kind of tourist you are, but don’t trust our world, and have a look at this list instead.

  1. Explore wherever you like. For all the hiking enthusiasts out there, we have some really good news. According to the Norwegian “allemannsrett” ( “all men’s rights”) law, you will have access to any uncultivated land. Of course, you cannot just break into someone’s private property, however, all the local fields, forests, and lakesides are at your disposal.
  2. Astonishing nature. From fjords to waterfalls, mountain peaks to the coastline, and Northern lights – Norwegian nature will leave every visitor in awe and wanting to explore more. In this country, you can truly experience nature at its fullest and realize just how beautiful our planet can be.
  3. Winter wonderland. If you prefer a more active holiday and enjoy winter sports – travelling to Norway can be a great choice. Norway claims that it was the country where skiing has originated from, thus, there is no better place to enjoy this winter activity. On top of that, you can experience snowboarding, snowshoeing, glacier hiking and dog sledging, or simply enjoy the Northern lights and admire the beauty of mountain tops covered in snow.
  4. Nightlife. The nightlife scene is buzzing in Norway’s major cities, so if you ever feel tired of all the scenery and exploring of the country’s vast lands, you can always come down to Oslo or Bergen for a bit of fun and socializing. Unfortunately, gambling is prohibited in Norway, so you will not be able to find any casinos to go to. However, while online gambling is almost inaccessible to the locals, you, as a tourist, will be able to enjoy it hassle-free. If you are interested in spending a quiet night in your hotel room, exploring the Norwegian gambling scene – go to this website to find all the key information about it in advance.
  5. Wooden churches. An important part of the Norwegian culture and history, and an impressive example of the unique architecture, stave churches are spread all across the country and attract thousands of visitors every year. The most well-known one is the Heddal Stave Church – the largest wooden church in Norway, built back in the 13th century.
  6. Fisherman cabins. Another man made attraction of Norway might look familiar to you – you can often see those red cabins on the photos and postcards, scattered across the country’s coastline or hidden at the secluded beaches, between the rocks. Some tours would even offer you to stay in one of those and have a truly authentic experience of the Norwegian culture.
  7. Explore the country’s Viking past. Fearless warriors worshipping epic gods, and striving to die ina battle to join the eternal feast of heroes – Vikings depicted in the pop culture never cease to fascinate and intrigue. In the Oslo  Viking Ship Museum, you will have a chance to learn more about the country’s seafaring inhabitants, and have a look at the real ships used as burial chambers for prominent Vikings – some up to 70 feet long! Moreover, the museum offers a Viking Age exhibition, where you will be able to see a real, well-preserved Viking helmet.
  8. Have a glimpse at the Norwegian royal family. Norway is a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy. The ruling monarch now is King Harald V and his wife is Queen Sonja. If you are generally interested in the rare few of the world’s remaining monarchies and their everyday lifestyle, you will definitely enjoy a visit to the Royal Palace of Oslo. Built back in the 19th century as an official residence of King Charles III ( who died before the palace was finished) it is now home to the King of Norway and his family, During the summer months, the palace allows visitors to some of its chambers, including Mirror Hall, Great Hall and the Bird Room, which has over 40 species of birds displayed there. Moreover, the Change of the Guard Ceremony occurs every day at 13.30 PM, and many palace visitors stay over to watch it.
  9. Find happiness. According to the United Nations agency report, Norway was named as the happiest place on Earth in 2017, and it remains among the world’s top five happiest places to this day. Good governance, freedom of speech, religion, and expression, as well as low crime rates and high standards of living, is probably what makes up for the ultimate success recipe of this country. Maybe traveling to Norway once will make you realize that you too want to join the happy crowd and settle down in this fascinating country, once and for all.  
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