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Niantic finally launched the sixth generation Kalos region Pokemon in Pokemon Go. After a long time, Niantic has taken such a big step. Trainers were requesting a new Pokemon for a long time, and now is the time when Niantic has implemented. While the entire Pokemon of the Kalos region is currently not available, there are a few cool Pokemon that players can catch.

The starter Pokemon of the sixth generation – Fennekin, Chespin, and Froakie are now part of Pokemon Go. Apart from these Pokemon, there are a few more Pokemon available that players can catch. Out of several new Kalos region Pokemon, the Klefki and Fennekin are currently in the trainers’ limelight. Klefki is a dual Steel/Fairy-type Pokemon, and Fennekin is a pure fire-type Pokemon. Both of these Pokemon are spawning in the wild, but their spawn rate is not as same as other Pokemon.

At the beginning of December, Niantic informed Pokemon Go trainers that these new Kalos region Pokemon will frequently spawn during the Kalos region event. So, once the event ends, these new Pokemon will not spawn frequently. Some of the Pokemon trainers are curious about catching these new Kalos region Pokemon, especially the Fennekin and Klefki.

How to Find Fennekin in Pokemon Go

Fennekin is a pure Fire-type Pokemon, and its final form Delphox, is a dual Fire/Psychic-type Pokemon. There are two ways to find the starter Pokemon Fennekin. The first and most basic method is finding in the wild. However, its second and third forms can only be obtained through evolution.

As compared to other Kalos region Pokemon, the spawn rate of Fennekin is quite low, but players can increase its spawn rate by using lure and incense. Trainers can activate incense from any location, but to activate lure, they have to walk closer to a PokeStop. By activating any of these items, players can increase the spawn rate.

Another method to find Fennekin is by hatching an egg. During the event, Fennekin hatches from a 5km egg. A few more Pokemon can be hatched from a 5km egg, so it’s better to hatch eggs as many as possible.

How to Find Kelfki in Pokemon Go

Kelfki is also a sixth-generation Kalos region Pokemon that was recently launched in Pokemon Go. It’s a dual Steel/Fairy-type Pokemon, but it only spawns in France, unlike other Pokemon. There is plenty of regional Pokemon in Pokemon Go, and Klefki is one of them. So the trainers who live in France can get their hands on this Pokemon.

Kelfki doesn’t have any other form and can’t be evolved in Mega form too. The majority of Pokemon Go trainers are facing problems finding it because its spawn rate is also low. Players who live out of France cannot make Klefki spawn in their region.

However, there’s a way that can help trainers to register Kelfki. Unlike Fennekin, Kelfki only spawns only in a single region. The other way to register Klefki is by trading. The trading feature is available in Pokemon Go for a long time, and trainers usually use it to exchange Pokemon from friends. However, to perform trading, players have to be in the 500-meter range.

Trading can only happen between friends. So before starting to trade Pokemon, players have to be good friends. Good friends are the first level of friendship, and to reach this level, both players have to send and open gifts. Trading costs Stardust, and its cost depends on friendship level and Pokemon. Trainers can trade special Pokemon once a day and other normal Pokemon unlimited times.

After trading the Pokemon, its CP and Appraisal stat changes, but the movesets don’t change. If trainers are lucky, their trading can be Lucky Trade. After having a Lucky Pokemon, it costs less Stardust while powering up.

So by following these basic methods, players can find and catch Fennekin and Klefki. The third form of Fennekin, Delphox, is powerful and can be used in all three – Great, Ultra and Master Battle League. Whereas the Klefki can only be useful in the Great Battle League because of its low CP.


Kalos region event is currently live with some interesting bonuses. Developers have increased the catch XP, remaining the same until the last day of the Kalos region event. Trainers who want to have powerful Kalos region Pokemon should complete Field Research tasks. Pokemon obtained from Field Research tasks are the most powerful and a good choice for PvP battles.

Source: Pokemon Go: How to Catch New Kalos Region Pokemon Klefki and Fennekin

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